August 1, 2021

Italy Gets In The Round Of 16 Sweeping


06/16/2021 –

Italy is very serious about this European Championship. Two games and two convincing victories, two goalkeepers to zero and a combinative game and a speed that are currently unrivaled. You are already qualified for the round of 16, whatever you do on the final matchday against Wales, and makes it clear that it is one of the great favorites to the title seen what has been seen so far. Quite the opposite of Switzerland, which with a point in two games, is forced to beat Turkey to achieve its classification.

Switzerland was bossy at the start, but it was a mirage that only lasted 10 minutes. It was Italy’s only concession in a match that dominated from top to bottom. The associative game and the pressure of those of Mancini – which reminds us something of the Spain that won titles – does not give the rival many options. Turkey suffered it on the opening day and Switzerland suffered the same. The harassment and demolition of the ‘Azzurra’ could have a prize already at 18 minutes when Chielini scored at the exit of a corner taking advantage of a dead ball in the area. But the VAR appreciated a clear hand from the Juventus central defender in the previous jump and the goal was annulled. Chielini must have been touched on that play and asked for the change five minutes later. The 36-year-olds took their toll on him and Acerbi came in in his place.

The change did not alter the course of the party. The speed of the Italians disarmed the Swiss over and over again. Spinazzola and Berardi were puals for the defense of Petkovic’s. And so the game broke in the 25th minute. Locatelli opens a ball to the right wing towards Berardi, gallop from the Sassuolo player and pass from death for Locatelli himself, who was following the play, to score at will. Great goal for Mancini’s men to get their head into the round of 16 with one match left. Donnaruma was a spectator until the break.

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The beginning of the second part was a carbon copy of the first. Switzerland came out with the intention of ruling, but had nothing to do with the Italian push. And in just six minutes everything was seen for sentence. And again with a play that had Berardi and Locatelli, the two Sassuolo players, as protagonists. Attempt to intern the first that was unsuccessful, recoils and passes to the center where Barella yields to Locatelli and left-footed by Locatelli from outside the area for 2-0. Everything resolved, but this Italy is not satisfied and always goes for more.

Switzerland, more with heart than head, tried and Zuber made it 2-1 but Donnaruma avoided it in a double stop. With the changes, the game lost its spark, although Immobile had two clear options for 3-0. Lazio did not fail in the third game and closed the win with another goal from outside the area. For Italy it will be enough to draw against Wales to make sure they pass as the first of the group to the second round.