July 26, 2021

Man Has 14 Children; Names Them As Soccer Players With Letter R

Thinking about the name of the children is important, because it accompanies the person for the rest of their days. With the name energy and personality are given. Therefore, it is important to choose the name to use well. However, there are some who choose names based on their purely personal tastes. Such is the case of a soccer lover who has 14 children – all boys – and who called each one with the name of a player that begins with the letter R. How are they called?

This story that has already gone viral tells the story of Irineu Cruz, a 43-year-old Brazilian who wanted to have a girl with his partner Jucicleide Silva since he was 22. Although they had been trying for a long time, they had not succeeded, since they only had males.

According to Clarín, the search for the girl led to the birth of 14 boys. As a soccer fan, decided to give each child the first or last name of a famous footballer from South America that began with the letter ‘r’. And it is that this was an agreement with his partner, he would put the names to the men and she to the women.

“I love football and I always admired players like Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho and Robinho. One day I realized that all the best footballers seem to have names that begin with the letter erre. And I decided that I should celebrate talented football by calling to my children as the players that I have loved “, the man counted according to Clarion.

How are they called? This is the name of the children of this Brazilian family: Robson (22 years old), Reinan (21), Rauan (19), Rubens (18), Rivaldo (17), Ruan (16), Ramón (14), Rincón (13), Riquelme (11), Ramíres (9) , Railson (7), Rafael (6), Ronaldo (4) and Rodrigo (2).

Finally, the couple fulfilled their dream. They had the girl last September. In order to To continue in this tradition, he also gave it a name with the letter ‘r’: he chose Raiane Maiara.

“Irineu has already formed his soccer team and Raiane Maiara has arrived. There, yes, I took him a red card and he finished adding children “, the woman counted.

In addition, the family sometimes plays soccer in the town, since they already have almost the entire team made up:

“They are all very good footballers, in particular Robson and Rauan, who are our star strikers. The exception is Reinan, who as his favorite sport has made the girls of the town fall in love. But I dream that one of my children ends up playing in the National Team. Brazil. We win often but we don’t have any medals. But sometimes, when we win, they give us a goat or food for the children as a prize “, concluded the man according to Clarín.

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