July 24, 2021

Patrik Schick’s Goal Is The Longest In A Euro Or World Cup Since 1980

Patrik Schick was the figure of the Czech Republic in the 2-0 victory over Scotland, since he scored both goals for his team, but above all because one of them came from midfield.

The Bayer Leverkusen forward took a rebound, a ball lost by the Scottish team and, from midfield, almost 50 meters (49.7), executed a strong, powerful, precise and placed shot that left goalkeeper David Marshall in evidence, out of his bow. A perfect launch.

It is the longest goal in a European Championship or the World Cup since 1980. The distance was measured in yards and they were 54, which is the equivalent of almost 50 meters.

Only four days have passed since the start of the competition, a few games, and Schick’s second goal already appears as the most outstanding. From now on it is observed that it will be difficult to contemplate a similar one in the remainder of the European Championship.

Scored at the start of the second half, in the 51st minute, it was Schick’s second and the Czech Republic’s second, which stopped the Scotland team’s attempt to react and which led to a more than agitated second-half start.

The entry earned Schick countless praise and applause, and from now on it is nominated as the most beautiful in the competition that has not yet completed even the first day of the participating teams.

In fact, UEFA reported that it is the goal with the furthest shot in tournament history, from 49.7 meters. The previous record corresponded to a shot from 38.6 meters, executed by the German midfielder Torsten Frings, in Euro 2004.