August 5, 2021

The Pizza Of Hope For Eriksen

Christian Eriksen continues to improve after collapse suffered in the first half of Denmark-Finland. Admitted to a hospital in Copenhagen, tests are being carried out but the player is responding positively. According to Gazzetta, the Inter player has even dared to order a pizza with which to get out of the hospital diet that is affecting him these days. The message was delivered to Per Thostesen, chef of the Danish national team, and transferred to a restaurant in the capital. At dinner time, on the 14th floor of the hospital, a pizza arrived prepared for the occasion.

Appetite is a good sign about Eriksen’s health conditions. This Monday was another day of in-depth examinations, the second in a row, on the midfielder’s heart. If everything progresses as before, it should not be long before he is discharged: this Wednesday he could leave the hospital. Of course, it is not certain that the definitive diagnosis can arrive before he leaves the hospital.

More tests will have to be done to get to the end and assess what is behind the cardiac arrhythmia thate caused the fading last Saturday. There it will be possible to finish if Eriksen will be able to lead a normal life and if he will be able to continue exercising his profession as a footballer.

On Monday afternoon Eriksen received a visit from his family in the hospital. With him were his wife Sabrina, his parents and his sister Louise. He was also visited by the Danish national physician, Martin Boesen. He and some of Eriksen’s teammates such as Kjaer and Schmeichel have won the hearts of the Danes for their support in these difficult times. Denmark, meanwhile, is preparing as best it can the second game of the Euro against the powerful Belgian team. Another defeat could almost leave them out of the Euro, although now they think more about Eriksen’s health than anything else.

First appearance on social media

“Hello everyone. Thank you so much for your sweet and amazing greetings and messages from around the world. It means a lot to me and my family. I am fine under the circumstances. I still have some tests to go through at the hospital, but I feel fine. Now, I will cheer on the boys of the Denmark national team in the next matches, “the Inter footballer wrote on his social networks on Tuesday morning.