July 26, 2021

The Worst Version Leaves Him Practically Out – DiarioSports – San Francisco

On the first day of the “bubble” that has the “Severo Robledo” stadium as its setting, San Isidro deepened the crisis by falling to Central de Ceres and thus let a new opportunity pass.

Calle Corrientes lived the first of the four days pure basketball. In the last shift of the day, San Isidro came out with the urgent need to win, a task that before Ceres Olympic Center he could not fulfill fully showing his individual and collective shortcomings. It fell from 69 to 61.

The Red Hawks enhanced their confusion, lack of identity and leadership. Defeat that practically leaves him out of the Argentine League playoffs in the absence of nine games to complete the Regular Phase.

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When it seemed that red was heading to wear down Central, which no longer had its best player (Vittar was injured), the relaxation in the third quarter was determining. Partial from 21 to 9 for the Santa Fe and a blow from which he did not know how to recover.

With more momentum than ideas, he shortened distances with 2 minutes to go. He got to 3 (58/61) but there again the problems arose. Lack of maturity for the closings led him not to know how to solve the key moments.

This Tuesday, from 7:00 p.m., it will collide with the Independent Federal Mortar Unit.

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San Isidro 61: Guillermo Aliende 11, Lisandro Gómez Quinteros 4, Santiago Assum 3, Juan Cruz Oberto 12, Nicolás Solari 9, Tomás Ligorria 3, Athony Johnson 9, Jerónimo Suñé 0, Ignacio Cuesta 0, Federico Zezular 10 and Agustín Vergara 0. DT: Sebastián Torre .

Ceres 69 Olympic Center: Nicolás Correnti 9, Daniel Tabbia 6, Alejo Crotti 22, Laureano Zalio 4, Gonzalo Guevara 17, Milton Vittar 0, Santiago Barrales 11. DT: Enrique Lancelotti.

Partial: San Isidro 16 / Central 15 – 36/32 – 45/53 and 61/69

Referees: Barotto, Leyton and Anselmo.

Technical Commissioner: Luis Cornejo

Stadium: “Severo Robledo”