July 26, 2021

Tigres Today Is A Pretty Girl That Everyone Wants To Be Her Boyfriend Of, 11 Years Ago Nobody Loved Her: Tuca Ferretti

The current technical director of FC Juárez recalled the work required to achieve success with the university students during his time at the club

Ricardo ‘Tuca’ Ferretti, technician who converted Tigers, in the most winning team of the last decade of Mexican soccer, commented in an interview for ESPN that the success he achieved at the command of the university students it wasn’t overnight and that now after his departure, the feline team turned into a pretty girl that everyone wants to be her boyfriend of.

This was not done overnight“, declared Tuca, who currently directs the FC Juárez. “Mentions Tigers right now, but 11 years ago, would you be asking me the same question as right now? 11 years ago when I came to Tigers, was in the last place of the percentage. Today she is a pretty girl, everyone wants to be her boyfriend, but 11 years ago nobody wanted her. Right now we come here with the commitment, with the hope of getting the team out of this difficult situation. “

The Brazilian coach, who won five League titles, three Champions of Champions, in addition to the only international title that the feline team has in its showcases by lifting the CONCACAF Champions League in 2020 and obtaining the best participation of a team Mexican in the Club World Championship, commented that one of the keys to success in his time as a strategist for university students was the great conjunction between management, players and coaching staff.

“Well always mentioned the whole time I was there, the great support of the boardAs a result the players get out on the court and naturally we were refining the recruitment of players, work and naturally, what result was being given. There were pros and cons, we won, we lost, but I think that the conjunction between the directive players and the coaching staff was positive.“.

After your departure from Tigers it was thought that Tuca He would take a break as a coach after almost 30 years of career and there was even speculation about a possible retirement, however, the strategist commented that stopping directing has only crossed his mind when he suffers a negative result, which disappears after returning to the courts.

When things don’t work out, when you lose one here, the other there, you say: ‘I don’t want to anymore’, but then at home I rest and the next day I want to run to the court. I can mention that the day that I do not have this feeling of desire, of wanting to go to work, there I am going to step aside. While every day I wake up, every day I want to teach, I want to do everything a coach has to do, I will try to be there if they give me the opportunity. The day I feel that I am not being 100 I will retire“.