August 6, 2021

Vucetich Expects Reinforcements, But He Knows That “Few Have A Profile To Play In Chivas”

The Guadalajara technical director sees the lack of signings as an opportunity for young players

Victor Manuel Vucetich, coach of the Chivas, expressed that it exists possibility of reinforcements arriving to the Guadalajara. However, he was sincere and declared that in any event that he adds a footballer to the squad, it will be to add, because he considers that very few players meet the profile to wear the Guadalajara shirt.

“In that we are [tema de refuerzos]We don’t know that because it does not depend on us. So that’s a very important thing to mention, but for people to understand that yes we are with the communication board and people are doing their job“, he expressed in a press conference that he gave in Barra de Navidad, where the Flock performs its preseason.

Few elements meet the profile to play, from my expectation, to play with the team of Chivas. We don’t want to fill ourselves with players just for the sake of it. We want you to really help us improve, because We have very good players here and we are working a lot with the youth team“.

Vucetich considers the lack of reinforcements, he sees it as an opportunity for the Mexican soccer player, since they have chosen to trust the quarry players, who could add minutes in the first dates of the Apertura 2021 in the absence of the players who will be with the Mexican team.

Chivas is supporting the Mexican National Team, the support has been total, for this reason today we have seven absences, it is possible that one or two elements can be incorporated for what the tournament is because in the Olympic Games, maybe some decision-making by the Federation may come. We are aware of everything and we are prepared. With great joy to know that all this is being worked on, of the young elements that are being given the opportunity. Today I see that it is a great opportunity that is being given to Mexican players, we have great players in the quarry, so, we are on the right track“.

By last, Vucetich He opined that, given the possible summons of Rogelio Funes Mori, the Mexican Soccer Federation should ensure that the teams are in charge of produce forwards, a position that is mostly occupied by foreigners in Liga MX.

“Look at the statistics, look at the positions, just in that position and we realize that there are four or five in the attack position, there are no more. We are talking about 13 foreign players in those positions, apart from those who are substitutes. There it is something that has to be seen at the Federation level to be able to have the production and a very clear example is what Germany did “.