August 1, 2021

The Biggest Fiascos In The History Of America

The Eagles boast the arrival of great signings, but not all have been successful and the most recent case is that of Giovani

The America announced the departure of Giovani dos Santos from the capital squad for the 2021 Apertura Tournament. An element that generated a lot of expectation upon his arrival, as it was the first time he played for a Liga MX team. Unfortunately for the Eagles and their legion of fans, the story between the Eagles and the Barcelona youth squad did not yield the expected results.

We present to you the elements that have come with a lot of noise to the Nest over the last few years and that have remained a duty.

The Mexican forward arrived at the Eagles with great fanfare. The team gave him the ’10’ jersey and the then 30-year-old footballer seemed like he could relive his career in MX League. However, this was not possible due to its poor performance. His performances on the court contrasted with his salary of three million dollars a year.

The Chilean has lived two stages in Mexico. In the first one he shone with the Pumas, which opened the doors to Benfica of Portugal. However, due to its limited activity, the player decided to return to Mexico and bet on the Eagles, the felines’ greatest sporting rival. However, in his three years at El Nido, the Andean soccer player has experienced ups and downs. Between a fracture that had him separated for several months and later the thrombosis that has limited him in the last year and a half, the player seems to have spent his credit with the team and his return to the courts with the Coapa jersey only looks like a dream. In addition, his salary has hit the finances of the club, since he receives four million dollars annually.

The Frenchman arrived with the label of figure and be ‘the Gignac of America’ seeking to prop up the Azulcrema institution in the attack. The Frenchman arrived in Coapa after a career in Monaco, Rome, Paris Saint-Germain, Milan, among others. In the end, everything was a failure: After two seasons with the azulcrema team, where he underwent two operations on his left leg, the ‘Piojo’ had little of his services, due to the bad attitude of the footballer.


Born in Santos, Brazil, he made his debut for Palmeiras in his country and was later sold to Deportivo La Coruña, a club where he won a League title, a Copa del Rey and a couple of Super Cups. In 2004 he was hired as Águila and made his debut on matchday 3 against Santos, contributing the tying goal almost at the end of the match. However, injuries never left him alone and after five games he retired.


Winner of three leagues in Argentina and a cup in Italy, ‘The Argentine phenomenon’ went through Vélez Sarsfield, Lazio and Udinese. The azulcremas disbursed almost 3 million euros, according to Transfermarkt, but after 12 player games in the Apertura 2007 they ended up going to Boca Juniors.


With two titles in Argentina with Boca Juniors, the Albiceleste left for Europe with Saint Etienne of France and was later signed by those of Coapa. In the tournament that was held in Mexico, things were not given to him and after seven games and two goals he returned to Argentina with San Lorenzo.


The German national team in the 1994 World Cup caused excitement in the American fans for his career, as he passed through Stuttgart, Eintracht Frankfurt and Manchester City, although he could do little dressed as an eagle, since he never gave the width. He had to return to his country for an accusation of theft of auto parts.


‘La Bruja’ became a benchmark for River Plate, a team in which he lifted five league titles after passing through Parma in Serie A in Italy. He was also part of the albiceleste in the 1998 World Cup in France, but in the two competitions in which he was in Mexico, he only played eight games and scored three goals.