August 1, 2021

ESPN Specialists Divide Opinions About Rogelio Funes Mori To The Mexican National Team

The possible call of Rogelio Funes Mori to the Mexican National Team for the Gold Cup is considered as good, however, it does not replace Raúl Jiménez

The possible call of the forward Rogelio Funes Mori the Mexican National Team to participate in the Gold Cup has generated divided opinionsWell, there are those who consider it a good option, but it will not cover the absence of Raúl Jiménez, while others think that the best thing would be to bet on Mexican players.

Next, the opinion of ESPN analysts about Rogelio Funes Mori, who has already obtained Mexican naturalization and is awaiting a call from coach Gerardo Martino.

David faitelson

I think it’s great that once you’ve gotten your documents, once FIFA has approved it, there is no objection. He is an extraordinary footballer, of great qualities, it will depend on the taste of coach Gerardo Martino if he likes Funes Mori and thinks he can be better than ‘Chicharito’, than Henry Martín or Alan Pulido. He celebrated that Funes Mori has taken such an important step, not by going to the national team, but by deciding to adopt Mexican nationality. If he reaches the national team, that’s good, because he is a footballer who has made a difference in our League.

I believe that Funes Mori can contribute to Mexican soccer, I do not see that he comes to steal anything or take a position from anyone. The problem here is that we believe, or we are mistaken, that Funes Mori became naturalized to play for the national team and I think not, I think he did it because he feels comfortable in Mexico, because they have treated him well, because they pay him good, because it has become an image of a club as important as Rayados.

It will make more difference than other players who went through a naturalization process; Nor is Funes Mori going to be Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, players who can change a team on their own. He is going to compete, he has an important level, similar to that of other players such as Henry Martín, Alan Pulido. I think the only player who is at another level is Raúl Jiménez because he plays in another league, at another level of quality in international football.

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Rogelio in general is a striker who has marked an era in Monterrey, a historic scorer. In six years he has had an important career in Mexico; He does not go through the best of moments for this call, he reaches him at the lowest level of his moments, but his story is one of goals. I would not see him as a player who comes to the national team and has a safe place, but comes to fight for a position.

At this time, if Raúl Jiménez were at his best, there is no striker, including ‘Chicharito’, who competes with himThe level that Raúl had when he was injured was higher than that of all Mexicans at that time, he played a level that rose over time, there was a stage where ‘Chicharito’ was dominant. Raúl was growing a lot in England and at the time of the injury he was the starter of the national team and the best forward center, but in the similarity with Funes Mori I do not see her so much, Raúl collaborates more in the team’s game, not only scoring but Attending, I see Funes Mori more finisher within the area, with a lot of area presence and Raúl with more agility to get out of that area and play.

If today I had to make the starting lineup, ‘Chicharito’ would be better, Funes Mori was very heavy with that goal that he could not get to overcome Humberto Suazo’s mark, it cost him a lot of work, he has missed penalties and incredible plays that he does not fail regularly and he shows distrust, pressured. I think that Monterrey’s failure has to do with Funes Mori’s slump, among other reasons, but if he has a ball since he equaled Suazo’s mark (as Rayados’ top scorer with 121 goals) and he has not been able to overcome it, I think the owner should be the owner.

ESPN specialists divide opinions about Rogelio Funes Mori to the.png&w=60&h=60&scale=crop&cquality=80&location=originAlvaro Morales

Rogelio Funes Mori is a forward who can generate fear, who can help ‘Tata’ Martino for the passing game, who has good mobility, however, they have outstanding debts in the Mexican soccer league. The Mexican team has to have the best elements and if among them it has naturalized, go ahead.

Funes Mori could solve (the needs of El Tri), but not supply one hundred percent to Raúl JiménezBecause Jiménez is a striker who is in European football, who is close to the elite. It can be an immediate solution, it is a proven type in Mexican soccer, but you have to see how the group receives it as well, but it can be an immediate solution.

I have no problem with naturalized players, they are citizens by law, if they are good and if they serve, go ahead, they must be summoned, because other teams are going to do it and one cannot be at a competitive disadvantage either, we must remember that national teams Nationals do not fully represent a country, they represent the football of a country.

ESPN specialists divide opinions about Rogelio Funes Mori to the.png&w=60&h=60&scale=crop&cquality=80&location=originHeriberto Murrieta

I think that summoning a naturalized to the Mexican national team is a mirage, a deceptive and simplistic solution, I feel that it is the easy way, like a shortcut and if you don’t play with what you have, you won’t really know what the level of Mexican soccer is. I would prefer to play with the Mexican players that are available, even though they may not be better at any given moment than Rogelio Funes Mori.

Raúl Jiménez is an extraordinary striker, very complete, unfortunately he is not in good condition at the moment, but as much as Funes Mori has better conditions than Henry Martín, Alan Pulido or Macías, it is better to play with Mexican footballers, there is also ‘Chicharito’ Hernández of course, at one point I would prefer that Gerardo Martino summon Hernández instead of Funes I died

It does not mean that I have something against outsiders, this is a purely football opinion and I do not agree that there are naturalized in the Mexican National Team because it is misleading and I would also say that, with the exception of Sinha, no naturalized has made a big difference in the Mexican national team, so I am not in favor of the call for Funes Mori.

Funes Mori may be the solution in the Gold Cup, soccer, for the purposes of results, goals, it can work and respond, but that solution may bear soccer fruit, but it will be misleading. because then we won’t know if any Mexican striker could do well in his place as well.