July 31, 2021

The Eleven Of The Active Players Who Chose To Represent Mexico

We present you a line-up made up of elements that chose to wear the Tri jacket, despite having possibilities to play with other national teams

Rogelio Funes Mori had to resign from the albiceleste to have the possibility of representing Mexico in the Gold Cup, but it is not the only case today. Like the Argentine, in the Tricolor there is a group of footballers who have chosen to represent the Mexican team above other countries.

In it we find youthful elements such as Luka Romero’s brother, Chaquito Giménez, Martínez Dupuy, Eugenio Pizzuto and even Marcelo Flores himself, who is in the basic forces of Arsenal.

This is the eleven of active players who have chosen Mexico before another country:


Tobias Romero

The goalkeeper Tobías Romero, brother of Luka romero, accepted an invitation from Mexico to train with the national team, regardless of the possibility of representing Spain and Argentina.


Antonio Leone

Antonio Leone was born in California, United States, but the 17-year-old footballer has been inclined to play for Mexico. The central defender is considered a promise and was trained in the lower divisions of the LAFC.

Benjamin Galdames

Benjamín Galdames, son of Pablo Galdames, was born in Mexico, but had the opportunity to play with the Chile selection. La Roja and Tricolor fought over the player who currently plays in the Spanish Union, but chose the Mexican National Team.

Jonathan Gomez

Jonathan Gomez has the possibility to play with USA and Mexico, his preference is with the Tricolor and that is why Gerardo Tata Martino took him on the last tour of the United States, as one of the players who did the sparring function during the tour.


Eugenio Pizzuto

Eugenio Pizzuto was U-17 runner-up with Mexico, but in France’s Lille he is registered as Italian. The midfielder had contact with the Azzurra, prior to choosing the Tricolor, although his preferences were with the Mexican National Team.

Marcelo Flores placeholder image

Marcelo Flores plays in the basic forces of the Arsenal from England and has the possibility to play for three countries: Mexico, England and Canada. So far, the talented midfielder has favored the Tricolor, despite attempts by other representatives to take him away.

Efrain Alvarez

The promise of LA Galaxand he is a player that Mexico and the United States have contested in recent years. The born in the country of the stars and stripes has chosen to play for Mexico and could be with the Tricolor in the next Gold Cup.

Santiago Gimenez

The son of Christian ‘Chaco’ Giménez was wanted by the national teams of Argentina, because he was born in South American territory. The player himself rejected the invitation, because he feels more identified with Mexico. He was in the process to go to the Olympics and could be among those called up for the Gold Cup.


Luca Martínez Dupuy

Martínez Dupuy plays in Rosario Central from Argentina, but was born in Mexico. A few weeks ago, the U23 Albiceleste tempted the forward, but the San Luis Potosí native stayed with Mexico. He is considered in the Mexican Under-20 National Team.

Santiago Munoz

The forward of Saints He is one of the young people who most dazzled in Guard1anes 2021. He was runner-up in the U-17 Worlds with Mexico and the United States has sought him out, because he has dual nationality. Until now, he has remained a player for the Mexican National Team.

Rogelio Funes Mori

The forward of Monterrey, Rogelio Funes Mori, became a naturalized Mexican and has the endorsement of FIFA to play with the Mexican National Team in the Gold Cup. Before, he had to renounce the Albiceleste, to be considered by the Tricolor.