August 1, 2021

Bale: ‘For Home. Golf. Madrid. In That Order ‘

Dunmarca gave the bell in Amsterdam to become the first team to reach the quarterfinals of this Eurocup. The Scandinavians did not have a world crack, as Gareth Bale, but yes from a daring and unapologetic block. In the end, Braithwaite -and someone in Can Barça- smiles.

Gareth Bale It was not the hero that Welsh needed. The still Real Madrid footballer tried to act as a leader in the first half, but he was diluted like sugar with the passing of the minutes. He had a great chance, but he didn’t narrow in. Eliminated from the European Championship, he will have to reveal what happens to his future, which for the moment points to a return to Real Madrid. For home, golf, Madrid. In that order.

Bale For home Golf Madrid In that order
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Martin Braithwaite It feels important in your selection and it shows. The former Leganés player has never lacked confidence, but the reinforcement of being indisputable for his coach benefits him. In the Barça He has never had that role nor does it seem that he will. Against Wales, he made his team’s second goal with the invaluable help of Neco williams. He also scored the last goal of the afternoon. In the offices of the Camp Nou someone gave a nervous laugh. Maybe someone bites and signs it.

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Dolberg is the Danish hero. Thanks to their double, the Scandinavian team is in the quarterfinals of the European Championship. The first was a pea with all the letters and the second, a bit of an old-school popcorn. The great ones know how to take advantage of Jabugo Yet the Mortadella Popeye.


What of Denmark It has much merit. The Scandinavian team managed to get by the hair in the round of 16 and is now in the quarterfinals with all the merit in the world. Considering what they suffered with the fading of Eriksen In the beginning of the tournament, their ability to overcome as a group is commendable.


What if Denmark gives the surprise of this Euro? Looking at the picture, it could give a scare to the one who leaves the Netherlands-Czech Republic. From there, to dream. Forestil dig seje ting or as he said Chicharito, “Let’s imagine cool things.”