July 25, 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘secret’ Diet Was Revealed: Without Coca Cola And With The Fashionable Vegetable

The Guinean youth Daouda peeters play in the Juventus and share many hours of the day, in trainings, trips and concentrations with Cristiano Ronaldo, figure of the Turin team. In an interview, the nationalized Belgian, who was left out of the call of his selection to the Euro 2020, revealed unknown details about the Portuguese soccer player, including the “secret” diet that fully maintains CR7, who turned 36 years old in February.

In addition, he cleared the criticism of those who see Ronaldo as vain: “He does not do those abdominal exercises for vanity, but because he sees his body as a work instrument. It is not the case that Cristiano stands in front of the mirror during the hours. anyway, he wouldn’t have time for that. When he’s at the club, it’s mainly for training. He really lives for his job, “Peeters said on the Belgian site. HLN.

Daouda, who will cheer for teve to the Belgium who will face Portugal and CR7 for the quarterfinals of Euro 2020, I also praise Cristiano’s mentality when facing his profession: “Cristiano wants to win always and everywhere. He makes young players grow. He really involves you. I think it is a very good characteristic. He is a very nice guy, but at the same time he takes football very seriously. On the bus he does not talk about almost anything else, “said the 22-year-old.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a natural competitor according to his teammate at Juventus. Photo: Piero Cruciatti / LaPresse via ZUMA Press / DPA

But the highlight of the interview that Peeters gave has to do with the feeding of CR7, a fundamental element to analyze the great football and physical present that the forward shows in Euro 2020, which has him as the top scorer of the tournament, with 5 goals in three games.

“He always eats the same thing: broccoli, chicken and rice,” Peeters revealed. The vegetable is considered one of the most beneficial in nutritional matters, generous in vitamins and minerals, as well as having preventive properties against cancer.

Always at the forefront in terms of trends, CR7 turns in this way towards the broccoli, a food that recently became one of the symbols of modern healthy eating.

And of course, in case there was any doubt, Peeters confirmed that Cristiano does not drink soda but rather he spends his time drinking water. The Portuguese diet is completed “with liters of water, certainly without Coke“commented the Belgian, referring to the controversy that his Juventus teammate faced with the famous brand of soft drinks, when he despised it in front of the cameras and the next day the company’s price dropped in billions of dollars.