July 28, 2021

Florentino Bets On Bale – ActionPush

Bale will return in the next few days to a Real Madrid where an optimistic atmosphere is breathed with his return. If recently it was Carlo Ancelotti or Luka Modric who were positive with the return of the Welsh international, Thursday night was Florentino Pérez who was excited to see Bale again with the white shirt. “He is a great player. I remember the finals he won.. In my opinion, he is one of the great players in Europe. Each one is as he is, has his personality “, defended him the president of the entity during the interview he gave in Onda Cero.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

In this vindication of the player, Florentino listed the great nights that Bale has given to the Madrid fans and spoke about his continuity. “The last thing I remind him of is that, in Kiev, he throws a scissors and scores a goal. And then dial another. And the head butt in Lisbon. That race against Barcelona in Valencia in the Copa del Rey. If I would like him to stay? I love them all, “recalled the president.

Bale still has one more year on his contract with Real Madrid after spending this last season on loan at Tottenham. The Welshman, who opens the round of 16 against Denmark this Saturday with his national team, will have a three-week vacation once his participation in the Eurocup ends. Then you will have to go to Valdebebas to place himself under the command of an Ancelotti who awaits him with his hand outstretched. “He has not played much in the Premier, but he has scored many goals. He was very effective in the last games, when he has had continuity. I know him well. If he has the motivation to play, he can have a great season, I have no doubts.” said the Italian in his presentation again as a white coach. The Briton played 92 games and scored 39 goals in the two seasons that Ancelotti’s previous stint on the Bernabéu bench lasted..

Gareth Bale's own comparison.

Gareth Bale’s own comparison.

The Welsh international has also received the support of his teammates, such as Luka Modric. “If Gareth is motivated and hungry for football, he can be useful for Real Madrid. He’s a great guy and he played well with Carlo in his early days.”, said the Croatian in an interview with TalkSport prior to the Eurocup.

And what does Bale himself think? When, on the eve of the Italy-Wales, he was asked if he was ready to work with Ancelotti again, he replied with a laugh: “I have no other choice, he will be the Madrid coach and I am a Madrid player. What I can say is that I have a great relationship with him and I know he will do very well at Madrid“. If he is able to display the level at which he performed in the match against Turkey, in which he won the award for the best player of the match, many others will open their hugs to Bale.