July 29, 2021

Goodbye To Brands: Naples Will Produce Their Jerseys

The Naples prepares a revolution for the next course. If with the arrival of Luciano Spalletti on the bench, great news is not expected in the transfer market, what could change in the Azzurra entity is the most beloved by its fans: the shirt. The club broke the agreement it had with Kappa a year in advance and was negotiating with several brands. Among them was also Adidas, which has been trying to dress the Southerners for years. Aurelio De Laurentiis. However, never found an agreement with multinational sportswear, mainly because he does not want to lose control over the creation of the elastics. Ideas are not lacking: in 2013 he launched a camouflage shirt, in 2015 a denim version, in 2018 he added a panther and a snake to the drawing and last year he collaborated with the stylist Marcelo Burlon for a special kit that sold out in a few hours.

In the last two months, therefore, the Azzurra entity decided to take a step almost never seen in modern football: to independently produce its own jerseys, which would not carry the logo of any sports brand.

In Calcio it also happened with Roma, in 2013, although only during one year and waiting to start his new stage with Nike. De Laurentiis, on the other hand, has been enthusiastic about this long-term project. He contacted the Armani stylists to draw the new elastics and with Amazon for their distribution. It is a very complicated plan that the president’s daughter, Valentina De Laurentiis, is working on, and there is still time to carry it out. Napoli, in these weeks, are considering acquiring unbranded shirts for the preseason, since their new exclusive line will be ready in the coming months. The top president of the Azzurro club, who had been talking about the Super League for more than a decade, wants to surprise again. Nobody doubts that, once again, he will succeed.