July 24, 2021

La Novena: Of Panties On Display, Simple Solutions And Non-punishable Errors

1. Doubt about my gifts As a cartomantic, if he had some talent he were not writing these lines, he would be enjoying the winnings of having hit the lottery several times. However, I will venture to make a bold premonition: MLB will get out of hand to review pitchers to avoid the use of sticky substances to improve ball grip. I am in favor of the provision, and I left it in black and white in La Novena last week, what I do not share is the modus operandi established to enforce the rules. It is embarrassing, and takes even longer a game that suffers from it, to observe how pitchers are treated as outcasts when someone on the opposing team is suspicious. Rather, it looks like a police arrest along with the following search routines. And that is not pleasant; It’s not for outraged pitchers, and it’s not for fans.

2. IF MLB DOES NOT RESTRUCTURE his way of persecuting offenders, that no one is surprised that a pitcher stays in his pants -as revenge- to show his innocence. The option to activate the search should not be left to the suspicion of the rival. Just as it happened in the game on Tuesday, June 22, between the Washington Nationals and the Philadelphia Phillies. Then Joe Girardi, Phillies manager, asked umpires three times to check the pitcher Max scherzer because he suspected that he was using some illegal substance. His claim was unsuccessful and angered Scherzer and the entire Washington team. The skirmish ended with a decomposed Girardi and on his way to the showers after being ejected. Baseball is a sport for smart and mischievous people. Asking a pitcher to be requisitioned could become a weapon to get him out of focus. Imagine something similar happening in the World Series. A pitcher has the opposing offense tied up and the opposing manager asks for the review. It is irrefutable that the pitcher will get upset, and it is very likely that he will lose concentration and there could open the necessary gap for his opponents. Do not doubt that this happens, as long as it is in the period, anything goes.