July 26, 2021

Conmebol’s Punishment For Nestor Pitana For Scandal In Colombia Vs Brazil

The match between Brazil and Colombia for date 4 of the Copa América group stage was marked by a strong arbitration incident that had a decisive impact on the result of the compromise. The one named was Nestor Pitana and measures were requested against him from several places, although from Conmebol they supported his performance by denying the error.

The Colombian Football Federation requested the suspension of Pitana as Conmebol did at the time with Colombian Nicolás Gallo after a vulgar error in the Var during the Uruguay vs Paraguay qualifying match. In addition, the Argentine press itself questioned the center-back, insinuating that he was helping the local team.

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Faced with that situation, Nestor Pitana was not designated for any match on date 5 of the group stage where he could be in the matches of group B or Uruguay vs Paraguay for group A. For his part, Argentine Patricio Laoustau will be in Venezuela vs Peru, a duel that could have been for Pitana.

Some press versions indicate that Pitana will not whistle anymore in the Copa América for the scandal generated and the pressure from Colombia; while others say that Conmebol will back him by designating him in a quarter-final match that does not involve Colombia or Argentina.

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It should be noted that Pitana’s controversial move was to validate a goal play after the ball hit him. In that case, the regulations say that the game must be stopped and resumed with a dropped ball; although it leaves a window open to the interpretation of the judge if he considers that his accidental intervention in the play does not harm the original possession of the ball or affects an obvious scoring chance.