August 1, 2021

Praise Creates A Dilemma – ActionPush

David praise (29 years old) is a multipurpose that Ancelotti will be able to squeeze in different positions. Has set a great Eurocup as leader of Austria playing first as a center back and then as a left back. However, It has been in the latter where he has shown his best level. At the end of the day, it is his natural position and where he has played the most throughout his career.

His numbers place him among the best defenders in the tournament. Has played 100% of the minutes (390 in three games, one of them with extra time). Until eighths, it has been the third player with the most ball recoveries (33, the same as Danny Ward). To this we must add 10 duels won and three interceptions. Offensively, his stats are also well above average. It is the sixth that more passes has given (243) with a correctness of 83%. He has given two assists on goal and has put, between centers and corners, 28 lateral balls in the area (the second most after Robertson).

In the last battle before Italy, Alaba emptied himself and was close to leading his team to eliminate one of the favorites. Attended to Arnautovic to score a goal that was annulled seconds later by a millimeter offside. He played the 120 minutes, recovered five balls, gave 42 passes and shot once on goal. It was in a foul in which he was close to giving his team the advantage. Part of the fans criticized him on social networks for the play of the goal of Chiesa, arguing that the Italian beats his back easily, while others believe that he did not have enough help from within. The truth is that this play does not stain a tournament that has excited Real Madrid for next season.

Ahead of Mendy or Marcelo?

David Alaba is now raising a debate about the white team. His role in the EURO as a left back and in a scheme very similar to the one Ancelotti can use (1-4-2-3-1) It leaves open the possibility that he will also occupy that position in Madrid. It seems clear that it will be in the center of the rear where it will have more prominence, since it has come, among other things, to replace Bouquets, but it is also true that the Italian coach during his time at the Bayern pulled him as a lateral.

In the position they are already Marcelo Y Mendy. In the club there is confidence in both, but the truth is that neither of them mix as well as Alaba defensive efficiency and power in attack. Will be Carletto the one who must decide his eleven type and if he prefers to place the Austrian next to Militao or give the center of the rear to the Brazilian now Nacho and put the signing on one side.

Back to work on July 19

David Alaba will have to join the preseason in Valdebebas on July 19. He will do it together with Gareth Bale, whose selection, Wales, was also eliminated yesterday at the hands of Denmark. They will have 21 days of vacation before training with the rest of the group under Ancelotti.