July 24, 2021

France Destroys Barcelona’s Illusions In The Market

ANDl Barcelona was confident that the Eurocup would serve as a showcase for the various players that it intends to put on the market this summer. The Catalan entity you need to deposit money for sales in order to be able to sign another player before the start of the new season. And one of the teams that could generate the most money was the French.

Euro 2020 (round of 16): Summary and goals of France 3 (4) – (5) 3 Switzerland

However, reality has been very harsh with the French team and, by extension, with Barcelona. France could generate interesting sales for the Barça club and in the end it has come to nothing. It was an excellent showcase for Dembl, Lenglet and even Griezmann. The surprising elimination against Switzerland and exit from the competition in the second round, makes it difficult to sell these three players.

Dembl’s injury

The striker thing was the hardest blow. Barcelona had the intention of put you on the market if you did not accept the renewal offer the decline that had been on the table for a long time. And I knew that Dembl was one of the best selling options since its amortization was small and the Frenchman continues to have a good market. In fact, it is said that Manchester United was willing to pay 50 million of transfer euros.


His injury slows down any exit option. With four months off, his return is not expected until the end of October and no club will buy him injured. And more, considering the history of injuries Dembl has accumulated in recent years. The forward will start the season with Barcelona and now the intention of the club is for him to accept his renewal offer because if he does not, he will go free in June 2022.

Griezmann’s role

At first, the idea of ​​Barcelona is not to put Griezmann on the market, but if a good offer comes, they will be willing to study it. In this case, the amortization of the transfer is still very highBut getting rid of a chip like yours, which exceeds 20 million net per season, will considerably alleviate the club’s problems with the salary mass.

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An almost indispensable condition for him to receive a good offer is that he had made an excellent European Championship. Griezmann has not been bad, but the elimination of France in the round of 16 overshadows the good things he did in the tournament. Right now it is very difficult for him to leave the team in the summer.

The year of Lenglet

Lenglet has had his worst season since arriving at Barcelona. He did not do well in the Barcelona club and he has not had a good performance with his selection either. Above all, in the decisive match against Switzerland. The defender was very soft in the first goal of the rival team and was substituted at halftime. A bad symptom that has already happened to him a couple of times at Barcelona this season.

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Barcelona currently has six centers in the first team. And he does not rule out signing one more. For that it is vital that some of those who are on the payroll leave. One of them is Umtiti, while the other could be Lenglet. That is why it was important for Barcelona to have a good Euro Cup, something that has not happened. Its sale is now more complicated.