August 5, 2021

Gallos Withdraws Offer For Podolski; Lukas Will Be A TV Judge On The ‘Supertalent’ Program

Although Lukas Podolski welcomed the possibility of playing for Mexico, Querétaro withdrew the offer after not having an immediate response from the German.

The intention of hiring Lukas Podolski was simply that as Gallos Blancos de Querétaro decided to withdraw the offer to hire the German striker who welcomed the possibility, but did not have an immediate response for the team.

The Queretaro group withdrew the offer, despite the fact that Gabriel Solares, owner of the Queretaro group, spoke with him in Europe. Podolski himself would have expressed his desire to come to Mexico, however, the response of the footballer took a long time and Gallos determined that he could not wait any longer for his services since they want the table to be complete.

Podolski, in addition to considering him a great player, is also assured that he is a great person. It was even very serious the possibility that Lukas arrived in Mexico that rejected an offer from what would be the Cuervos de San Luis Potosí project that as everyone knows fell apart after the potosinos sold it to the team.

In this way, Gallos thinks about arming the team as soon as possible and leaving aside the option of the German player who saw with good eyes wearing the Gallos shirt, but it is also known that he wanted stability for his family in his country after his time in Turkey where things were not what he expected.


According to German media, Poldi joins the jury of the RTL program “Das Supertalent”. The 36-year-old had “signed for several years,” the private broadcaster said Tuesday. The former Bayern Munich player will participate from next season. “Das Supertalent” has existed since 2007. Participants present their talents of all kinds, some sing, some are acrobats or have other unusual abilities.