July 29, 2021

Donaldson: Calling Me ‘heavy’ Is Bad For Giolito

Josh donaldson, third baseman for the Minnesota Twins, responded harshly to Lucas Giolito, a day after the Chicago White Sox starter called him “heavy” and “classless,” after the slugger apparently yelled at him after hitting a home run in Tuesday night’s game.

After Giolito allowed the home run in the first inning of Tuesday’s game, Donaldson apparently yelled, “It’s not sticky anymore!” In reference to Major League Baseball’s steps to screen pitchers for illegal substances. that improve the grip of the balls.

“You told me heavy, right? It’s okay. I almost considered it a compliment, ”Donaldson said Wednesday afternoon, ahead of the Twins-White Sox game in which Chicago beat Minnesota 13-3.

“Did he call me ‘no class’? I didn’t think I was showing it during the game. I was talking to my bank. I wasn’t snatching my home run. I wasn’t talking to him or saying anything, ”the Twins slugger insisted.

Donaldson, who has been one of the most vocal sluggers on the subject of pitchers and sticky substance use, said Giolito’s response after his home run speaks volumes.

“Obviously, he was offended by what I said, which, I think, says a lot about what’s going on and which begs the question in the first place, was (Lucas) wearing something sticky before all of this happened?

“If he didn’t, then he probably wouldn’t have cared about that comment,” Donaldson added.

The conflict began when, after his home run and while crossing the plate, Donaldson rubbed his hands and could be heard saying, “The hands are no longer sticky.” That was what prompted Giolito to criticize him after the game.

“He’s a heavy p ***,” Giolito said Tuesday night. “It is something without class. If you’re going to say something, tell me to my face. “

Donaldson said he looked for Giolito in the parking lot at Guaranteed Rate Field after the White Sox beat the Twins 7-6 and they got to chat for a few moments.

“(Lucas) didn’t have much to say. He said he thought I was annoying and I said, ‘So what? I’m on the other team. Why are you worrying about me? ‘And I said,’ I’m already in front of you. I’m telling you what I think. What do you have to say about that? ‘ And he didn’t answer anything, ”Donaldson recounted.

Giolito allowed three runs on six hits and walked one split in six innings for his first win in a month.

Donaldson said Tuesday night saw differences in Giolito’s pitches from the league’s reviews of pitchers for illegal substances, including allegations that the Wahite Sox ace’s pitching speed was slower. .

“I didn’t see a lot of swings and fanning on straights yesterday (Tuesday) where normally (Lucas) does have a lot of swings and fanning. That’s when you see the effect of speed on the turn, ”Donaldson explained. “He had a couple of swings and fans yesterday, but I hit a ball to right field on his pitch and a ball to left that I just felt like I just missed and I feel like others had good swings too.”

The White Sox and Twins will play two more games in this series and will meet again next Monday through Wednesday, but in Minnesota.