July 28, 2021

Faitelson: “Martino Takes A Great Risk By Not Summoning Chicharito”

Judging from the latest developments around the issue of a possible call-up or not, it seems to be clear that the LA Galaxy forward, Javier Hernandez The doors are closed to return to the Mexican National Team. “It is clear to me that Gerardo “El Tata” Martino He has thrown his cards on the table and does not intend to call “Chicharito”. For better or for worse, he has made a decision, although I think he is taking an unnecessary risk. ” David faitelson in the latest installment of his podcast this week.

The ESPN analyst said that “with each passing day, the situation becomes like a great snowball that grows larger because Javier Hernández continues to score goals in a great season while the Mexican team is injured by footballers. But they don’t call him. and my opinion is that they are not going to call him. “

“I think that Tata Martino is willing to live, for better or for worse, with that decision. It can go well for him, that is undeniable, especially because of the benefits of a region that has Mexico as a powerful team and possibly Rogelio Funes Mori he can score goals thanks to his great quality, but he can also go wrong, because suddenly a bad streak, a badly played game or a bad result can generate more pressure for the call of the striker who plays in the MLS, “he emphasized.

Returning to his theory that Chicharito’s non-convocation is due to some problem that the parties refuse to disclose, Faitelson insisted that “the fundamental thing is that something is being covered here, that there is something mysterious that is not being told. Talking with Ricardo FerrettiHe told me that Martino will have his reasons, the problem is that he does not expose them “.

In any case, Faitelson also recognizes that “Chicharito does not openly claim a place in the national team either, but it is not ruled out either. John sutcliffe He told us that even if they called him, Chicharito is not going to go because he doesn’t feel like a second-hand dish. “



David Faitelson says that Javier Hernández’s absence from the Mexican National Team continues to be a tough issue, but his call to El Tri will not come.

Later, the driver of ‘The Faitelson Look’ He considered that “it is a matter of character, of personality, which includes conflict and friction. It is clear to me that the non-call does not respond to a football issue. It may be, as it says Mario Carrillo, that perhaps Martino is looking for a forward with more resources in the central axis of attack, while Chicharito is a finder who is in the right place and time. But I think it never hurts to have a player with his characteristics and who scores goals. “

“Perhaps his style does not respond to what you are looking for with your football scheme, but it is always good to have a proven scorer on the squad who, in case it was necessary to highlight him, is the historical scorer of El Tri,” he added next.

However, Faitelson also recognizes that it is likely that “Martino believes that, by giving him a second plane within the squad, Chicharito’s personality begins to cause some kind of friction or fracture in the locker room.”

Finally, David concluded his analysis by saying that “the truth in all this matter is that Tata Martino has made a decision, for better or for worse. And it is not having Chicharito to integrate his team.”

“Let’s see how the coach does once he has thrown the cards on the table. I think that Martino is taking a high risk. But he will know, intimately, the reasons why he has decided not to summon him,” he concluded.

Note: the complete edition of ‘The Faitelson Look’ includes your opinion on whether the departure of Nacho ambriz to a second division team in Spain is the reality of Mexican soccer coaches, as well as the fact that the Euro 2020 naked to international soccer, as the rest of the world seems to be playing a completely different sport.

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