July 28, 2021

The Future Of Soccer: Connected Shin Guards To Know The Performance Of The Players

5G never ceases to amaze us. As we learn about its many possibilities, more and more elements emerge that allow its connectivity to improve our day-to-day life in the immediate future. If at the Mobile World Congress we are discovering this wide catalog of products that enable new connectivity, we should not be impressed by shin guards connected to the mobile network.

And it is that although the binomial “leg protector and connectivity” sounds like something difficult to relate, we must let ourselves be carried away by the ingenuity of the innovation teams that have made it possible. In this way, we will be able to recognize that these essential “shields” can be the best confidants for physical trainers.

Biometric data

Real time monitoring

Humanox and Telefónica have presented a tool in the Barcelona MWC edition with which an athlete can be monitored at all times and in real time by their physical trainer. With which you will know biometric data to determine physical condition and analyze the activity you have developed. In the case of footballers, the usefulness of the shin guard is perfectly represented by the numerous data it provides to its coach.