August 3, 2021

The Surreal Offer To Messi Of The ‘worst Team In The World’

Leo Messi is, from this July 1, a free footballer. Although Joan Laporta, president of the FC Barcelona, was calm and made it clear that
Leo will continue to be linked to the Barça club, a club of Brazil He has taken advantage of the fact that the Argentine does not have a contract right now to make him an offer. So far, everything normal, because it is logical that the best player in the world will be showered with offers. The peculiarity is that the team that has wanted to bid for Messi calls itself ‘the worst team in the world’.

Its about Ibis sport club, who plays in the Pernambucano championship -Serie A2- from Brazil and founded the November 15, 1938. The Ibis, that in your account Twitter proudly highlights that they were three years and eleven months without winning a game (they have the Guinness record by that mark), had already tempted the flea when he sent the burofax to Barça last summer, but this time he has gone further and has directly published the contract that he offers the Argentine to join them.

The contract that the Ibis offers to Messi

The document details several curious clauses. First of all, the duration of the contract would be for 15 years! and it would come into effect this Thursday. The salary that Leo would receive would be based on his scoring productivity. However, Messi he would be limited to scoring goals, as another clause details that “he cannot score many goals”, as it would be grounds for termination of the contract. The same would happen to him with winning titles. “He cannot be a champion,” they detail. Otherwise, you would also be detached from the entity.

The Ibis crest, calling itself 'the worst team in the world'

The Ibis crest, calling itself ‘the worst team in the world’

Two other surreal clauses: Leo could not wear the shirt with the number 10, it is owned by “Mauro Shampoo”, Local idol. The sixth clause specifies that “You must swear 3 times before the mirror that Pele It is much better than Maradona”.

Mauro Shampoo, the idol of the Ibis who wears the shirt with the number 10

Mauro Shampoo, the idol of the Ibis who wears the shirt with the number 10

The Ibis ‘community manager’ uses ingenuity, not only with Messi, but also with other footballers. In fact, after the clear error of Thomas muller with Germany Against England, the German striker also received a contract proposal, showing the attacker’s mistake in the tweet.

This is the funny spot that the team starred in for a sponsorship

The fun spot of the Ibis Sport Club with the sponsorship of BetssonFC

The Ibis plays home matches in the Municipal Stadium Ademir
Cunha, with capacity for 10,000 spectators.