July 28, 2021

Kroos: “I’m Sure I’ll Retire At Real Madrid”

Toni Kroos announced a few days ago his retirement from the German national team, with which he was World Champion in 2014, just before signing for Real Madrid. The midfielder will now focus on his final years as a footballer at club level. In an interview with Bild, Kroos has indicated: “I will retire in Madrid, I am completely sure”.

“I think 2023 (the year the contract ends) is ideally and deliberately chosen. By then I will be 33 years old. Afterwards, we can sit down and decide together if we want to extend the relationship for another year or two. I am completely open to that possibility, “Kroos said, hinting at a possible date for his withdrawal.

The German, who assures that made the decision to leave the selection “before the Eurocup”, has been disappointed with the role of his country in the tournament. “We could have done a lot more, beat England. If you look at the picture, the final was possible. We had the quality to be champions“, has indicated, although it assures that they have” tried everything “.

After the 2018 World Cup, Kroos already considered the possibility of leaving. At that time, it was his son Leon and the coach, Löw, who “convinced” him to stay. The technician, in fact, had to call him “more than once”. This, in fact, has been the key factor in his staying with the German team until now, since without that interest he “probably would have resigned.”

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

The Real Madrid midfielder has given two reasons for retiring now: “spending more time” with his family and play for the white team “a few more years at the highest level”. For this reason, he has already spoken with the new coach, Flick, so that he “can plan” without him. Despite being key in winning the 2014 World Cup, Kroos had the feeling that some in Germany “didn’t quite understand” his game. But, as he himself admits, he prefers to be “controversial” in his country and “recognized throughout the world”, than the other way around.