July 31, 2021

Antonella Elia and Vera Gemma with the same pink dress: brand and price

Fashion and Beauty

Mike Bongiorno’s ex Valletta and Giuliano Gemma’s daughter have relied on the same designer to appear more sparkling than ever on TV

It often happens on TV that two famous people wear the same clothes. It also happened recently to Antonella Elia and Vera Gemma who, in two completely different programs, wore the same creation. In this case, a long pink sequined dress with an eye-catching neckline. Elia chose it for an episode of Big Brother Vip, where she was a columnist for the fifth edition, while Gemma showed it off in the studio of theIsland of the Famous.

Antonella Elia and Vera Gemma’s dress is covered entirely in sequins, with a plunging neckline on the décolleté and a sensual slit on the thigh. They both matched gods silver sandals and done without jewels, which would have unnecessarily burdened the outfit. Among other things, this dress pushed Ilary Blasi to define Giuliano Gemma’s daughter “Barbie stardust”. Vera immediately liked it a lot, who then reused it on Instagram where she posted some shots with the showy dress.

Who is the designer of this decidedly unconventional dress? Gabriele Fiorucci Bucciarelli, a young Roman designer much loved by celebrities. Antonella Elia showed off more than one creation of the designer at Big Brother Vip. And also Vera Gemma could not help but choose Fiorucci for her latest television engagements. On the red carpet, many other stars of the small screen wore Fiorucci Bucciarelli creations such as Milena Miconi and Vittoria Schisano.

All the clothes of Gabriele Fiorucci Bucciarelli they are high fashion garments, decidedly expensive and suitable for the red carpet, major events or important television evenings.

The clash between Vera Gemma and Antonella Elia

Little curiosity: Antonella Elia and Vera Gemma were the protagonists of a little one zuffa sui social network. On Instagram, the former lion tamer showed her cleavage without filters. Without measures Antonellina commented: “You look a bit ***** ar!”. Affirmation that Jeda’s girlfriend did not particularly like, who after an initial indifference replied with these words: “”Well, I don’t know. I don’t ask myself the problem ”.

Vera Gemma also had some problems with Cecilia Rodriguez. Between the two there was a clash behind the scenes on the Island of the Famous. In the end, Belen’s sister was forced to apologize for the insults against Vera.