July 27, 2021

Beppe Grillo, are the “seven wise men” a farce? “They will not save face”, the uncomfortable truth of Domenico De Masi – Libero Quotidiano

The seven wise men called to mediate between Beppe Grillo e Giuseppe Conte will they be able to bring home a concrete result so that the 5 Star Movement and its two leading exponents save face? The answer of Domenico De Masi it’s a no dry and convinced. Speaking to Italy tonight, the Rete4 broadcast conducted by Veronica Gentili during the summer, the sociologist tried to analyze the reasons why this Movement that tried to take a party took 32 percent in the last elections.

Do you want to remain a subordinate ?.  Conte, other than mediation: the axis with Labor to leave Grillo in his underwear

“This kind of miracle – he explained – happened because there were various souls, each of which had its own electorate. I am thinking of Luigi Di Maio, who was the representative of the governmentist soul, that is, the one who believed himself capable of taking over the fate of the state ”. Instead, now the consensus of the M5s is more than halved and it is not even known if there will be an M5s anymore: in case of no agreement between Grillo and Conte, the former prime minister could also “empty” it by deciding to go on his own.

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Then he thought about it Massimo Cacciari, another guest of Italy tonight, to sum up the situation well: “We are here to discuss the statute of the 5 Stars, is there anyone interested? Exists? Do you know him? I am stunned, it is clear what De Masi says. In my opinion they will eventually find an agreement because neither one nor the other is suicidal and they know very well that anyone who wants to break up, then loses the parliamentary groups that will never go home ”.

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