July 28, 2021

European Football Championship: England don’t give Ukraine a chance

Captain Harry Kane scored the 1-0 (4th) for the English with an early goal. After the break, three headed goals made the decision in front of almost 12,000 fans. Harry Maguire (46th), again Kane (50th), who now has three goals in this final round, and Jordan Henderson (63rd) made sure things were clear. Ukraine were inferior both physically and playfully and could not really endanger the English at any stage of the game.

While the Ukraine said goodbye to the quarter-finals for the first time, the “Three Lions” are back in a European Championship semi-finals for the first time since 1996. However, the 1966 world champion at a European championship has not yet made it to more than third place. The home advantage at Wembley Stadium could change that. Italy and Spain will meet in the second semifinals in London on Tuesday. The final will then take place on July 11th.

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Dream start for England

In their first away game at this European Championship, the English played with a 4-2-3-1 system. In terms of personnel, Coach Gareth Southgate made two changes compared to the round of 16. Jadon Sancho, who will move from Borussia Dortmund to ManUnited for 85 million euros, was allowed to play for the first time from the start after his brief stint against the Czech Republic. Mason Mount was also back in the starting line-up. The Ukrainians held against it with a five-man chain, with Vitaly Mikolenko replacing Taras Stepanenko in the starting lineup.

The first few minutes showed what the English could expect. The Ukrainians withdrew deep into their own half with possession of the ball for the “Three Lions”. The defense did not last long, however, because coach Andrij Shevchenko’s basic concept was thrown overboard in the fourth minute. After an ideal hole pass from Raheem Sterling, Kane spiked the ball past goalie Georgi Buschtschan into the goal – a dream start for the English.

Kane scores early to make it 1-0

England captain Harry Kane celebrates early. In the fourth minute of the game, he brings his team 1-0 lead.

Ukraine can’t, England doesn’t want to

For the time being, the Ukrainians did not feel compelled to change their tactics and continued to wait for counter-situations. In the 17th minute, the outsider also reported. Roman Yaremchuk inherited the ball after a mistake, but failed with his shot on the near corner by goalie Jordan Pickford. The English for their part contented themselves with the lead, did not press a second goal with the last vehemence and kept the ball in their ranks.

When the British became dangerous, it was mostly through Sterling, who repeatedly posed problems for the Ukrainians with his quick approaches. With the exception of a Kane header and a tough long-range shot by Declan Rice, in which goalie Buschtschan was just able to raise his arms (33rd), the favorite’s offensive yield was rather low.

The English were also challenged defensively, but did not allow any real big chance until the break. For the Ukrainians, who had to do without the injured defender Sergei Krywzow from the 36th minute onwards, Mikola Schaparenko missed a shot well wide (43rd).

Double punch ensures a preliminary decision

The second half started with a bang. The Ukrainians weren’t really on the pitch yet, when it was 2-0. After a foul on Kane, Luke Shaw curled a free-kick cross from the left to the center. Maguire exploited the template of his ManUnited colleague with a massive header from close range (46th). It was even more bitter for Ukraine, because England made the preliminary decision with a double blow. After Shaw’s flank, Kane headed through the legs of goalie Buschtschan to make it 3-0 (50th).

Maguire heads the 2-0

The next quick hit after the whistle for the second half. After a free kick, Harry Maguire headed to the spot and made it 2-0 (46th).

The Ukrainians faced an impossible task. How were you supposed to score three goals in 40 minutes against a team that hadn’t conceded a goal in the entire tournament? In view of the hopeless situation, the outsider tried first and foremost not to run into a debacle. Buschtschan prevented another goal (62.) with a save after a shot by Kane. After the next corner the doorbell rang again. Substitute Henderson scored the third header goal after the break (63rd) and celebrated his first team goal in the 62nd game.

Henderson scored the fourth goal

Following Kane’s opportunity, the following corner resulted in the 4-0 through Jordan Henderson, who also scored with a header (63.).

Team boss Southgate had seen enough and swapped vigorously. Kieran Trippier, Marcus Rashford and Jude Bellingham came in for Shaw, Sterling and Kalvin Philipps in the 65th minute. England weren’t eager to score a fifth goal. Ukraine tried to score a consolation goal, which Pickford prevented when Yevgeny Makarenko shot from long range (74th). The few English fans in the stadium passed the time with chants until the final whistle. The German referee Felix Brych finally had an understanding and ended the game on time after 90 minutes.

Voices for the game:

Gareth Southgate (England team boss): “To play so well in a game of such importance, that was impressive. We always have to make the right decisions in the right game with the right system. All the players were fantastic, not just the ones who were on the pitch. We have a tough game ahead of us, Denmark beat us in October. Expectations in England will be high, it’s the toughest game we’ve had so far. “

Harry Kane (England captain): “As favorites, we were faced with a lot of pressure of expectation. Again to zero and four goals – it was a perfect night in a big game for us. A big match is now waiting for us. But if we maintain the momentum, we can do it. “

Andrei Shevchenko (Ukraine team boss): “We had good parts of the game, but overall it didn’t work out today. The English were efficient and took advantage of our mistakes. “

Andriy Yarmolenko (Ukraine captain): “Yes, we lost today, but you should see who: In my opinion we lost to one of the best teams in the world. The England win is hard earned. I congratulate you. We had a strategy, we had a tactic. But we let the early gate take us out. “

European Football Championship, quarter-finals


Ukraine – England 0:4 (0:1)

Rome, Stadio Olimpico, 11,880 spectators, SR Brych (GER)

Goal sequence:
0:1 Kane (4.)
0:2 Maguire (46.)
0:3 Kane (50.)
0:4 Henderson (63.)

Ukraine: Buschchan – Sabarny, Kriwzow (35./Zygankow), Matwilenko – Karawajew, Sidortschuk (64./Makarenko), Schaparenko, Sintschenko, Mikolenko – Jaremtschuk, Jarmolenko

England: Pickford – Walker, Stones, Maguire, Shaw (65./Trippier) – Phillips (65./Bellingham), Rice (57./Henderson) – Sancho, Mount, Sterling (65./Rashford) – Kane (73./Calvert-Lewin)

Yellow cards: none

The best: Kane, Sterling, Shaw and Yaremchuk