July 29, 2021

Europeans, Czech Republic-Denmark 1-2: Danes in the semifinals

The goals scored in the first half by Delaney and Dolberg decide. Schick shortens at the beginning of the second half but the Danes show higher quality and enter the top four of the continental review

Denmark beat the Czech Republic 2-1 and qualify for the European Championships semifinals: on Wednesday 7th at Wembley (9pm) they will face the winner between Ukraine and England, the last quarter scheduled for tonight. The goals of Delaney (5 ‘) and Dolberg (42’) in the first half decided, the goal with which Schick (49 ‘) shortened the distance at the beginning of the second half was useless. The boys from Hjulmand do not stop anymore who, after the initial two defeats against Finland and Belgium and the shock of Eriksen’s cardiac arrest, have overcome the group by beating Russia, demolished Wales in the second round (4-0) and have liquidated the Czech Republic practice in the quarters with a mix of cynicism, quality and solidity. Almost thirty years after the sensational victory at the 1992 European Championship, at this point the Danes dream of another miracle. It is certainly the third time in history that Denmark has gone this far in the European Championships, after the semi-finals of 1984 and the 1992 title. And to think that in two of the last three editions of the continental review (2008 and 2016) the Danes they didn’t even qualify.

First half

Ready go and Denmark takes the lead. At 5 ‘, from a corner by Stryger Larsen, Delaney can hit his head all alone in the heart of the opponent’s area, as a result of a block game by his teammates: it is 1-0 for the Scandinavians and an uphill road for the Czechs. Silhavy’s team gave signs of awakening, with a solo from Schick and a shot from Holes thwarted by Schmeichel. However Denmark, with Delaney who shines in midfield for quality and clarity, try to hurt on the counterattack. Back there, in fact, the Czech defense is stammering. And then the same Delaney, Stryger Larsen and Damsgaard try to double. Doubling that arrives in the 42nd minute: the wonderful cross from the right winger by Atalantino Maehle is a wedding invitation for Dolberg who, with a volley, leaves no chance for Vaclik.

Second half

It is a stormy Czech Republic returning from the locker room, with Jankto and Krmencik in place of Holes and Masopust. At 49 ‘Schick shortens the distance: right-footed shot in the center of the area and the ball slips into the corner behind Schmeichel. Match reopened. The Czechs raise the center of gravity and try to equalize but Krmencik’s initiatives, again Schick and Jankto are not incisive. At 62 ‘the newly entered Poulsen is produced in a great personal action but Soucek immolates himself in a slide and protects the goal (remedying a wound in the head, complete with a bandage). It is precisely the changes (precisely Poulsen, Norgaard and Wass) that give oxygen to Denmark, which as the minutes pass takes measures to the opponents and aims to close the game on the counterattack. At 78 ‘Poulsen has a great opportunity to make three of a kind: goalkeeper Vaclik saves his shot from the edge of the area. Vaclik repeats on Maehle in the 82nd minute. In the last minutes the Czech Republic fails to break through. Denmark controls, asserts the highest quality and, in the end, celebrates.