July 28, 2021

NBA market, Simmons for Brogdon and a choice in the Draft: Philadelphia’s answer

That the Sixers are exploring the chance of cedere Ben Simmons (and its important contract: another 4 years, from a base of $ 33 million in a fourth year to over 40) is no mystery. Daryl Morey and the Philadelphia front office at the moment they wouldn’t sit at the table with anyone yet, but they would just listen to any offers preparatory to initiating a deeper discussion. Among these – reported Jason Dumas of Bleacher Report – there would be that of Indiana Pacers, who in Philadelphia would have proposed the following exchange: Malcolm Brogdon is a first pick in the draft (it could also be the n ° 13 of 2021) in exchange for the young ex-LSU talent. However, at least from what was reported, the response from Sixers was negative. Philadelphia has made it clear that one of the conditions for letting Simmons go is that of receive an All-Star in return (in addition to any other assets).

What does not convince about Brogdon, because he looks at Lillard

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Brogdon – fresh from a season at career maximum in points (21.3) with more than 5 assists and rebounds on average – he still hasn’t earned i All-Star degrees (despite having won the prize of rookie of the year in 2017, in the Bucks jersey) and even this small detail could have had a weight in justifying the Morey’s refusal and shareholders, evidently convinced that they can get a higher return should they choose to deprive themselves of Simmons. Another reason that could explain the choice of Philadelphia leads directly to Portland: many NBA front offices stand closely monitoring Lillard’s fate at the Blazers convinced that his possible departure from Oregon could be the first piece which would trigger a series of cascading trades.