August 1, 2021

The Olympic dream is alive. Canada underestimated us and we bit more at a critical moment, Satoransky shone

Chad Hipolito, ČTK / AP

The Czechs had fourteen seconds to the decisive event and their only NBA player finished the record, while the home team featured eight stars from the world’s best league. “It was an extremely exciting match in which we still led, but again we did not succeed in the end of the last quarter. There came unnecessary mistakes and loss of the ball. In addition, the Canadians started firing heavy shots from a distance at the last minute, which did not go well for the whole match. I didn’t know where to take the extra time, but we showed that even at a critical moment we were able to play together and bring it to a victorious end, “thought the quarterback from Chicago.

Satoranský made an interesting observation before the match. “That Canada underestimated us was evident from the warm-up of its players. We were shown to show them how we can play basketball to start respecting us, “said the Czech captain, whose successful free throw throws the national team with a lead of ten points 50 seconds before the end of regular time, but Canada’s triple storm equalized the score. and extensions.

Ondřej Balvín (left) and Canadian Andrew Nicholson.

Chad Hipolito, ČTK / AP

In it, the home team escaped to the lead 99:94, but the national team took the last word in the match. “I am very proud of how we were able to react to the loss of the lead in the ending and the poorly played overtime. I told the boys that the Canadians looked pretty dead, in the end we bit more than the opponent. We are all happy that we won the opportunity to fight for a ticket to Tokyo in the last match, “Satoranský suggested.

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The star in the Czech jersey was also the author of 31 points Blake Schilb, whose time on the board climbed to an incredible 43 minutes and seven of the thirteen Czech threes fell from his hand. The American native, who got married in the Czech Republic and started a family, has suffered a lot in previous matches of the Olympic qualification. “A few people have betrayed me since Schilb’s nomination that the best is over, but I trust the boy and he gave it all back to me,” admitted coach Ronen Ginzburg.

Against Canada, Schilb performed the best match in six years in the service of the national team. “Blake played absolutely amazing and it was great that he still found the strength in himself even at the age of 37. It gave us confidence by transforming missiles from a distance from the beginning. He was not afraid to take it on himself and he believed tremendously, “said Satoranský.

Blake Schilb (left) in a match with Canada.

Chad Hipolito, ČTK / AP

For the second time in a row, Ondřej Balvín showed the award-winning double double thanks to 14 points and 19 rebounds. “All our pivots, led by Ondra, were excellent. They were very important as they collected balloons under the basket. In the end, we jumped thirteen more than Canada, which was an important aspect, “praised Satoransky.

Balvin finally showed a huge heart. In the 37th minute, after a Powell foul, he was hit by a falling Lyles elbow and, according to the referees, caused him a bloody head injury with an unsportsmanlike foul. The highest player of the Czech team, however, selflessly returned to the field after treatment by a doctor, and in the absence of fouled Veselý, he played a key role under the basket and in overtime.