August 4, 2021

Åke Unger and Hasse Backe in the European Championship final, old guesses

The European Championships are coming to an end and you who have a crack in the headphones, a less mobile stirrup or a TV with a broken audio amplifier can benefit from it.

“Hans-Åke” comments on the European Championship final.

There are three matches left when I write this text, and I do not know how many times Jonas Eriksson has explained VAR in SVT, and why VAR judged si or so.

The dream is of course to get VAR into Swedish football so that the VAR discussions can continue even in everyday life, because surely it would be nice if the football broadcasts could spend even more time discussing the clinically correct decisions that VAR is meant to stand for?

In TV4, they do not talk as much VAR and it is not only because they do not have an old judge from Sigtuna or Bandhagen in the studio, but also because they do not have a studio.

The whole half is a single long advertising block and if you are lucky you will have time to hear one of the presenters tell you what to talk about in C More.

Watching C More does not give much because they have to remind viewers that they are watching C More, and prepare for the TV4 viewers to return so that they can talk about what they were not allowed to see.

This is what modern TV production looks like.

The existence of the earth hangs on the next corner

TV4 also goes around a lot of people, they change experts and presenters and commentators as if anyone can do anything, and Lasse Granqvist, perhaps the best living commentator, can hardly comment on anything.



Just this summer, a foreman at Fyran has put Åke Unger and Hasse Backe together in a commentator’s cabin and the result has been an old-fashioned guessing stew of a rarely seen kind.

“Hans-Åke” chats on, there are running tracks and central lines here, 4-3-3 systems, dominance and penalty kick feet there, sometimes pure fantasies interspersed with observations presented in such a funny way that you as a viewer are amazed that not both have a seat on Bayern Munich’s board, sports council and physio team.

Åke Unger has commented on various things for as long as I can remember, he has many merits as a referee but one thing that often bothers him is the unnecessary dramatization of the sport.

Unger makes everything sound like the earth’s continued existence hangs on the next corner or tech, he tries to make matches that are not very dramatic dramatic, bad matches better, and if a commentator magnifies up enough times, you as a viewer will eventually be completely blunted.

Åke screamed now!

Their temporary position expired in 1987

Well, was it because Jimisola Laursen won a game of Fia with a push in the Superstars or because Sweden became world champions in football?

A European Football Championship in itself is big and serious enough, and it is not enough for that or the events in a specific match, well then it is a real piss match quite simply and that is how it must be.

Everything does not have to be sold at any price.

“Hans-Åke” has commented on a number of matches together during the European Championships, I have lost count of how many and now they have also been awarded the final as they will probably talk small, small holes in that in the end only one such shoe brush remains as before always stood outside the locker rooms.

Overall, I think that many TV commentators refer to radio, they have not understood that their temporary position at Radiosporten expired in 1987 and that they now work with moving images.

Those “here comes the corner from the left” minutes on TV are totally harmless, because we have chosen to watch TV to be able to see what is happening.

Arne Hegerfors and Staffan Lindeborg were both good at closing in on those situations to be prepared for the next sequence instead.

The next development step for sports commentary should reasonably be a step back, to a more secretive, cool and ingenious way of commenting on sports.

Anyone who finds the right style has a fine career ahead of them as an esteemed commentator on picture radio.

And it was not very long ago that a commentator could comment on a match on his own, and also manage it gallantly, without endless cackle.

Sometimes I miss the lone commentator.

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