July 31, 2021

Cashback, Satispay goes straight and finances the extension. The CEO: “Our operations tripled. It also works against tax evasion”

The state cashback plan, which should have continued until June 2022, actually stopped due to a decision by the Draghi government. But Satispay, applications for payments and money transfers via smartphone, has decided to go it alone for another 6 months, with some adjustments but in fact maintaining its structure and purposes by investing own resources among the 20 and 30 million euros. And therefore the app will offer the possibility to accumulate up to 150 euros in cashback in six months, until 31 December 2021, obtaining a refund 10% of the amount spent in physical stores affiliated with Satispay. “No criticism of the Government – is the first thing the CEO wants to underline Alberto dalmasso – who is masterfully handling an extreme situation but we have seen that the program works, the transactions have increased and we will get to move 1 billion euros at the end of the year”.

In the first half of 2021 Satispay recorded – only considering payments in physical stores – 25 million transactions, more than triplicate compared to the same period in 2020. The volume of purchases increased by 127% reaching 340 million. The number of merchants affiliated to the app network recorded a growth of 35% compared to June 2020. The initiative launched by Satispay is reserved to those who sign up for the service in July and Dalmasso remembers that “I’m almost there 10 million people who have subscribed to the state cashback program ”and therefore there is still a large portion that Satispay, which currently has 1.8 million users, can intercept. This does not detract from the virtuous path traced: “We have seen the results – explains Dalmasso – it works as a stimulus to electronic payments and to contrast evasion, and if we get the population used to using digital tools, we will have a country with more skills that therefore reacts better to crises “.

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