July 24, 2021

COMMENT: Olympic reward for players who are looking forward to each other but can also tease each other

Chad Hipolito, ČTK / AP

During the qualification in Victoria, they showed an amazing performance against the favorites, whether it was the home Canada or Greece. The current national team is incredibly hardworking, no one plays on it, the chemistry between the players works, their mental strength and character then manifest themselves in the matches.

Tomáš Satoranský is the brain of the team, he moves each of his teammates to a higher level and is literally a textbook example of a leader. In addition, it literally bursts of energy. Chicago is just learning to benefit from it, the national team has been able to do it for a long time.

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When the taps Ondřej Balvín, Jan Veselý and Patrik Auda come together, a huge force is born under the basket, which is also reflected in the rebound. Also, no one in Victoria skipped the representatives.

In addition, the Czechia always finds an unpredictable factor X, which can surprise its opponents and is difficult for them to read, because the joker can always be someone else. The weight of the match is far from limited to the mentioned supports.

Blake Schilb first acts as a nomination mistake, but then 31 points shoot down Canadian NBA stars. Ondřej Sehnal is playing at a big event for the first time, but his knees will not knock out and he will help the Greeks to erase the Greeks. All Czech players have the instinct of killers in a good way and play best when they are not expected to do much, but at the same time they can cope with pressure.

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It is positive that the core of the national team has been together for several years and is looking forward to itself. Even a layman will know how much fun these boys enjoy playing basketball together. It sounds like a cliché, but this group works, even though it lacks an article for health reasons, whether it was Veselý in China or now Vojtěch Hruban and Martin Kříž in Victoria.

The team’s tremendous cohesion was best seen during the shots of the bench, which lives the match as well as the five players on the board. Although the players are scattered all over the world, they follow each other and the highest player of the Czech team, Balvín, admits that they live their basketball careers through the national team.

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They don’t even have a problem with each other. The players themselves openly talk about the fact that after losing a ten-point lead in the last minute of the basic playing time against Canada, they scored unbelievably in the cabin. But it was not a matter of annoying each other or blaming each other for something, rather they can still lift each other so harshly.

The experience they have from difficult matches at the club level is also reflected in the game level of the representatives. And it doesn’t matter if they are legionnaires led by Satoransky and Vesely, or players who have gone through Nymburk, from whose successful performance in the Champions League the national team already benefits. He does not play with shyness, on the contrary, he rather sells self-confidence and demonstrates attractive basketball with physical and mental endurance based on careful defense, speed, combativeness and effective triple shooting.

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The Czechia has a great generation of players with a great coach Ginzburg, who has a wonderful feeling for her and understood the essence of this team, so he also knows how to tailor tactics to players. Olympic Tokyo is a great reward for all men’s basketball in our country, and if everything goes together properly, in three weeks at the Olympics there can be more than just matches with Iran, France and the USA in a group.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law of Charles University, whose destiny became sports journalism. Martin Kézr has been working in the Práva editorial office since 1990 and also passes on his experience to students of the College of Journalism in Prague. He is the head of the hockey section of the Club of Sports Journalists.