July 31, 2021

European Football Championship in England – “Rules for bigwigs, rules for normal people”

60,000 fans, no mask requirement on site and the distance requirement no longer applies. Under these conditions, the European Championship semi-finals and the final will take place at Wembley Stadium. Although around 2000 Scottish fans were infected with Corona around the European Championship, more than half of them in London.

Labor MP Ben Bradshaw is less bothered by the fact that so many fans come to the stadium. However, he criticizes the exception rules for around 2000 UEFA officials, VIPs and politicians who are allowed to enter the country without proper quarantine. “Our government has made a regulation for bigwigs and one for normal people,” said the former health and sports minister.

(imago sports photo service)Sports philosopher on the European Football Championship during Corona – “Everyone pays off profits”
European heads of government such as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hope that hosting EM games will increase their prestige, says sports philosopher Gunter Gebauer on Deutschlandfunk. That’s why many would play UEFA’s blackmailing game even during a pandemic.

The exemptions for UEFA would have caused quite an outrage among British citizens. “There are other people too: big businessmen who go to England, they don’t have to go into quarantine either. Some other athletes too. So not just football. But there is already the impression among the population here that there are no rules for some while the rest of the British people are not allowed to enjoy these freedoms. “

“Guests take back the delta variant”

In general, Bradshaw sees little danger for the people of Great Britain. Due to the large number of people who have been fully vaccinated, there are few seriously ill people despite the high number of infections, he says. The problems affect other countries much more:

“Rather, in my opinion, there is a risk for those who come to us from Europe, from countries that may not be so fully vaccinated. When they return to their countries, they take the current variant with them.”

(Deutschlandradio) (Deutschlandradio)

In an interview with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel expressed her concern about the large number of spectators at the European Championship games at Wembley Stadium. Bradshaw believes that there was little response in England. But he understood the Chancellor’s concern.

Great Britain as a “prison”

His Labor Party had above all criticized the fact that, on the other hand, many Britons are not allowed to go abroad due to restrictions, even though they had not seen their family there for a long time or wanted to go on vacation after more than a year of pandemic.

Boris Johnson missed fending off the Delta variant because he did not prohibit entry from India. That is why Great Britain continues to be like a prison that, unlike Germany, cannot be left.