August 1, 2021

Guardiola Charges Against Tebas: “Let Him Learn From The Premier”

Pep Guardiola has not bit his tongue when reviewing the news and has charged against Thebes. The technician of the City has defended the model of Premier and consider that The league you should take it as an example. “There is a better management, and it is seen in AsiaMay the Lord learn Thebes of what they do there. Even so, their products can be better sold in other countries. People complain, but thanks to these investments, other clubs in other countries can continue doing things, “he said in an interview with Tv3.

In addition, the Catalan coach considers that the way of managing Thebes affects the show of The league. “Let him learn, because he knows more than anyone, he is wiser than anyone and he gets into other people’s homes. Bara, the Madrid, the Atltico or Valencia They will have more resources to make the necessary investments and if we make a mistake, they will penalize us and we will not be able to play but as it is not the case that each one does what they want, “he added. Guardiola.

Thebes knows more than anyone, is wiser than anyone and goes into the houses of others


As for the salary limit, that of Santpedor has ensured that they too adapt and that it is logical. “I think is right that Thebes don’t want to move a comma from the salary limit. We also have to adjust because if we do not do it correctly, they will file a complaint with us and we will have to defend ourselves in court. Ferran Soriano does things correctly. “

Pep Guardiola gives his ‘go-ahead’ to Koeman and Ancelotti

“Yes Thebes would sell better the product would be easier for him Bara have to Messi? He does everything well, but then the problem is all of the other countries and the other clubs, “he added sarcastically.

He does everything well, but then the problem is all of the other countries and the other clubs


Summer market

On the other hand, and in a purely market key, it has not wanted to reveal the plans of the City this summer. Guardiola has not given any clues as to his intention or the options of incorporating a player from The league. He did not want to speak of proper names.

“I imagine that if we want to sign a player from Bara or Madrid per 100-odd million, the Bara and Madrid they won’t complain. They will be delighted that it can be done, hopefully now they will. I don’t know how to finish the market. What we can do, we will do and if not we will continue with the squad we have, with which we have won three suspenders In four years, we have finally reached an end of the Champions“, explained the Catalan coach.

Pedri and the Euro

In another vein, Guardiola consider, as for Pedri, which with a competition in summer is enough. “They have to rest. The clubs pay them very well. I am very happy with the Eurocup from Luis Enrique, I am very happy for him. He deserves it all and more. But calendars is a lively one. Last year we played the first official match without a previous friendly. And come to put tournaments and competitions “.

I am very happy for Luis Enrique’s Eurocup, I am very happy for him because he deserves everything and more.


Finally, he has assured that he is really liking the Eurocup. “The four semifinalists are very good. Italy is an example and Spain also, they want to play from behind. I am immensely happy with Luis Enrique with what he’s doing. Denmark play very well and England He has immense talent from midfield up for the next 10 years. “