July 29, 2021

Huesca Manager: “Nacho Ambriz Is A Pu … Mother Technician ‘

José Antonio Martín ‘Petón’ spoke of the arrival of Nacho Ambriz, whom he describes as a frontal technician and who his players like too much

SPAIN — José Antonio Martín ‘Petón’, former player and counselor of the Sociedad Deportiva Huesca, said that the only requirement that they have asked the coach Ignacio Ambriz is that it maintains its essence.

“Yes, there is a requirement: We ask Nacho ambriz to be Nacho ambriz. He is an impressive technician. He’s a pu … mother technician, “said Martín ‘Petón’ in an interview with ESPN Digital.

‘Petón’ stated that Ignacio Ambriz is well known in Spain for his great work with Osasuna as a technical assistant for Javier Aguirre.

“They were wonderful years for Osasuna Y Atlético de Madrid, who recovered with them the pulse of the big team “.

“When we were, about a month ago, in the first contacts with Nacho’s environment, I thought it was practically impossible (to take him); because of the salary difference, first, and because we do not forget it, he had been champion of a of the most important leagues in the world. Because if you remove the Premier, the Spanish League, the Bundesliga and the ‘Calcio’, which are the most important leagues in the economy, I think they are already tied with that of Mexico. champion of that League could come to Huesca, it was very difficult to solve “, revealed the manager.

“Removing the Atlético de Madrid, to the Real Madrid, to the Barcelona, America can you give us an overview of the economy. Chivas, Necaxa, Blue CrossAll the historical teams in Mexican soccer have made this one of the strongest League, and this has been going on before. I’m telling you that the ‘Charro’ Moreno went to play in Mexico when he was a world star, “he mentioned.

‘Petón’ described Ignacio Ambriz as a direct helmsman and very sincere with his players.

“He is a frontal type. There is not a footballer who says that Nacho has lied to him, he says things to the eyes, and if they have to take care of the moments of difficulty, he takes care of him. That for us is very important, because he gets the project leadership last longer, “he said.

The Huesca leader expressed that Nacho Ambriz’s way of directing is similar to that of Ricardo La Volpe.

“There have been many tactical advances in the world of football; when Guardiola incorporates the departure of three with a central midfielder that is embedded between the centrals, it is because Guardiola has been playing for a year in Mexico and has seen that La Volpe has imposed that way to go out and play a long time ago. Nacho ambriz he has practiced it, “he said.

Peton hinted that the Mexican strategist did not request a high salary, as he told them that his priority is to succeed in European football.

“When he was talking to me, what he was saying is: ‘there has come a time in my life when I want to conquer Europe’, and I loved that. We are, I understand it very well, so that you can conquer this continent Nacho Ambriz “, he specified.

Ambriz, who signed for two years with him Huesca, is expected by his new team to get to work in the preseason heading into the next season.