July 24, 2021

Italy, Church: ‘We are like brothers, thanks to Mancini’. VIDEO

The blue winger spoke to UEFA’s microphones two days before the semifinal with Spain: “Against the Spaniards it will be very difficult, but we have a great group and this is thanks to Mancini”

Live a dream by scoring a goal in a European final stage. Couldn’t ask for more Federico Chiesa, one of the key men of Roberto Mancini’s Italy, who to Uefa microphones retraces those moments at Wembley: “It was an immense joy. Playing such an important match for your country and scoring the goal that started the victory was an even greater emotion. I think it’s the dream we all have as children when we start playing football. “A goal that, in addition to the victory, also earned him a starting spot in the next round against Belgium.” We had a great game, but this it is thanks to the work done by the coach in the last two years. Mancini, Vialli and the other staff members have been champions in the past and each of them gives us advice. ”

“We are like brothers. I’m so sorry for Spina”

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The extra weapon of Mancini’s team is certainly the group, in which friendship comes before the simple working relationship. “We all love each other and there is great enthusiasm. We are almost like brothers. This is thanks to the coach who has brought Italy back to great levels. “And precisely because of the bond between his teammates, Chiesa wants to spend a thought for Leonardo Spinazzola.”I’m so sorry for Spina, he was making a great European and for us he was a fundamental player. I repeat, we are like brothers and losing one, albeit in a metaphorical sense, is not nice. We will miss him but now he just has to think about recovering, we will try to give him great joy “.

“With Spain it will be very difficult”

The next obstacle that Chiesa and his companions will have to overcome is Luis Enrique’s Spain. “It will be a very difficult match. They hold the ball a lot, as we want to do. We play with the same form, the 4-3-3, but we are more dynamic on the pitch with role shifts both in the attack phase and in the defensive phase. “A form and a style of play very similar to that of the Spaniards , which, however, are not a source of inspiration. “It is not that we are inspired by Spain, we have the same ideologies of play: holding the ball, pressing high in the offensive phase and trying to dominate the opponent”, concludes Chiesa.