August 6, 2021

Italy-Spain, Barella in conference. VIDEO

After the goal against Belgium, the Nerazzurri was the protagonist of Sunday’s conference in Coverciano: “Spain is strong but I play with two phenomena, Jorginho and Verratti. Our group makes the difference. Now we want to make Spinazzola proud of us”

A goal to take the cover also of Italy, after the season as a protagonist with Inter. Nicolò Barella, author of the goal of the advantage against Belgium, finds the points of contact between Roberto Mancini’s team and the Nerazzurri champions of Italy with Antonio Conte: “There is a word that unites them, but I keep it inside me and you I say at the end of Europe … There is great unity of purpose. At Inter the goal was the Scudetto, here to get as far as possible and we are doing it. The group makes the difference, in the national team it is even easier because we are all Italians and with the same culture. “The right key to return to making an entire country dream, as had happened in 2006, but also during Italy ’90. The Inter midfielder was not still born, yet she carries certain sensations inside her: “You can feel emotions even without having lived them, only with stories. We hope to bring people back to that tournament in a period like this. “

“Jorginho and Verratti are two phenomena”

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If Italy is working so well, in addition to the team spirit, the credit is also due to the midfield: “It’s nice to receive so many compliments, we do an important job for the team. The strength, however, is the group. The game passes from the midfield. , Jorginho and Verratti are phenomena and they make the team go round, I think more about the insertions. Berardi or Church? Mimmo comes into the field, Fede stays wide, I adapt to their movements but nothing changes for me. “With the team mates only a healthy rivalry:”We are all owners. Locatelli is not only the alternative, and there are also Pessina, Castrovilli or those who stayed at home. This midfield, together with that of Inter, is among the strongest I’ve ever played in. Within us we create rivalries that push us to do better and win. “And the midfield, with Xavi and Iniesta, also made Spain great: “Great champions who inspired everyone, even if it is difficult to see me in them due to characteristics. We hope to do like the national team that won the European Championship and maybe even better. With Spain it will be a difficult game, we are two similar teams who both want to play the ball. We hope for a good match, we will enjoy it in a fantastic environment. “

The Riva myth and those words to Lukaku

Nicolò Barella also talks about his myth, Gigi Riva: “He is unreachable, throughout my career I will never be able to get close to him, but I will do everything to make Sardinia proud too. “At the end of the match against Belgium he hugged his friend Lukaku, saying something in his ear: “What did I tell him? I was happy for myself and sorry for him. We have been playing together for two years, we won a championship together and created something special. But he will have many other occasions to celebrate “.

“We will make Spinazzola proud”

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One thought, inevitably, is also for Leonardo Spinazzola, who flew to Finland to have an Achilles tendon surgery: “We will try to make him proud – is the promise -. It was the first goal for which I didn’t cheer at the end of the game precisely because of what happened to ‘Spina’. I’m so sorry for him. Football gives and takes away a lot, on the other hand it is our job, our passion. “In the meantime, Emerson Palmieri is a candidate to replace him:” He does not need advice: he won the Champions League and will help us as he always has. We have great faith in him “.