July 28, 2021

Lea Bolmaro, Facing The Olympic Games: “Playing Like In The World Cup We Can Beat Anyone”

The 20-year-old Argentine basketball player is in Las Vegas in anticipation of the trip to Tokyo. “I arrived without fear and focused on giving my best to earn a place,” he said.

The Argentina basketball team It continues with its preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, whose first presentation will be on July 26. In the prelude to the Olympic event, one of the team’s figures as it is Leandro bolmaro, spoke with the press of the CAB and beat the event, in addition to analyzing his present in Barcelona with his positional changes.

“Normal speed, Bolmaro, that’s Usain Bolt speed”he said at one point Sergio Hernandez. “It is true that I am somewhat out of energy, of laps, that sometimes I do not control. I must learn that, control the rhythms and my dynamics to better reach the end of training. I must regulate the loads and not spend everything at each start”Lea began.

“I found a very hard-working and competitive team, which is always willing to do its best, which is very professional, who takes care of all the details and stands out for its commitment. They received me very well, they are all very nice, they never leave you out and they are always integrating you “confessed the 20-year-old basketball player. Then he continued: “They care about everyone, so that we are united and that harmony we can take to the field. Luckily, I had had this experience in 2019, I had been able to integrate and, also, in the season I had been talking to many of them. They are great people and I value that very much. Because there is also a question of following in their footsteps. Being so young, I already know the path I should follow based on the example they give me “.

Lea is going through the preview of her first Olympic Games: “I arrived without fear and focused on giving my best to earn a place. And the key is that I enjoy. Because when that happens, I play better. I love this style, the one of running, pressing, putting one more change into it. We all feel comfortable with this proposal, because we feel that it is the way we can take advantage. It was already shown in the World Cup that playing like this we can beat anyone “. And analyzed: “In a preselection like this, for an Olympic Game, nobody gives you anything and if I stay, it will be because I did very well. In 2019 I was close, but it is not that today I feel among the 12, but I think it can be, that I can be part of it if I do things well. “

leandro bolmaro

Then, he referred to the adaptation to playing base in the Barcelona, being that in the Selection they will use it more as an escort, because there are plenty of bases: “I feel more comfortable escorting me. If I have to raise the ball, I do it. If I have to build a game, drive, the same. But I prefer to be an escort, have more freedom and not always assume the responsibility of organizing. There is more pressure “.

“When I found out that I was going to start playing base, I started to watch videos of various point guards to understand the position, especially Facu (Campazzo). Luckily, thanks to my teammates, I had the confidence and that made me feel more comfortable and confident that I could do it. It wasn’t that difficult because I think I got engaged. Before I was complaining, but when this happened, I changed the chip and accepted the role. The train passes once, they say, and I had to seize the opportunity. The effort I put in to comply paid off “added.

“I feel more comfortable defending than attacking. I see that I can defend the smallest guards and also the big ones, who are slower there. I like to pressure, force, cause mistakes. I like not to let them think because there are many very good ones that if you let them, they will paint your face. “

Photos: CAB Press.

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