August 5, 2021

LOH 2021 Tokyo | He got a trick to deceive the Greeks. He did not even count the congratulations, he will only understand the Olympic reality in Tokyo

Chad Hipolito, ČTK / AP

When the Greeks reduced the difference to four points in the 20th minute (47:43), it was Sehnal’s time to secure a seven-point lead at half-time with a three-point shot. “There were only a few seconds left of the second quarter and I had the ball in my hand. Ondra Balvín went to build a screen for me, and I was already preparing the position. A step to the left, a shot and it fell there, “Sehnal described the successful action.

“The Greeks could not know this fint, because they probably do not watch the Czech league. I was sure that they would not wait for it, they did not do special scouting for me, “laughed the national team debut at USK Prague. The opportunity to play against Euroleague stars such as Kostas Slukas or Nick Calathes motivated the talented Czech young man even more. “He thought about it before the match, because I’ve been watching both Greek quarterbacks for many years. It’s great to meet them on the board in a direct duel,” he appreciated.

Progression to the Olympics is not a coincidence, the team has a killer instinct, said Ježdík

Like against Canada, the national team was not the favorite against the Greeks, but he had a crushing start to the match again and led the whole time. “The boys started it perfectly from the first minute. We didn’t even realize that the match had started and we were already fourteen points ahead, “Sehnal smiled.” Then we were able to get more energy into the game from the bench. The Greeks came to me already exhausted, we wanted to grab the progress more. ” said.

After the match, he received a number of congratulations. “I didn’t count them, but I’m pleasantly surprised at how many people kept their fingers crossed for us in the Czech Republic. A lot of people watched the matches live, even though it was in inhumane times at nine o’clock, “said Sehnal, who alternated well with Satoransky in the passing and withstood the position of the lower wing.” Maybe even that made it difficult for the Greeks to read, “he said.

The men’s national team will present itself at the Olympics after 41 years. “I have not yet absorbed the procedure. It is the biggest success for Czech basketball in the last many years and I hope that in time they will start getting the amazing news and when we arrive in Tokyo, we will all understand, “said the unexpected Czech Olympian.