July 24, 2021

LOH 2021 Tokyo | Perušič and Schweiner also have Russian world champions in the Olympic tournament

Beach volleyball players Ondřej Perušič and David Schweiner will encounter the reigning world champions Oleg Stojanovský and Vyacheslav Krasilnikov from Russia at the Olympic group tournament, whom they defeated a month ago in Ostrava. Markéta Nausch Sluková and Barbora Hermannová have, among others, gold defender Laura Ludwigová as their rivals, in Tokyo the German star Margareta Kozuchová will be a teammate. Today’s lot in Moscow decided on the composition of the groups.

OBO 2021 / Vlastimil Vacek, Right

The Olympic premiere awaits Perusic and Schweiner in less than three weeks. In Ostrava, at the June four-star World Circuit tournament, they confirmed their great form by winning over Krasilnikov with Stojanovský in the semifinals and winning a silver medal. Their other rivals in group B are Latvians Martinš Plavinš, Edgars Točs and the Mexican duo José Rubio and Josué Gaxiola.

Nausch Sluková and Hermann will present themselves under the five circles for the second time. Five years ago, on the famous Copacabana beach in Rio, they were eliminated in the fight for the playoffs in the preliminary round and shared 17th place. In Tokyo, the battles of Ludwig and Kozuch, the home Japanese Miki Ishi, Megumi Murakami and the experienced Swiss Tanja Hüberli and Nina Betschart, with whom they lost in the eighth finals at the Ostrava tournament, will be advancing on the Tokyo sands.

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At the Olympic Games, 24 pairs will always present themselves in the men’s and women’s tournaments. They are divided into six groups, two teams and the two best from third places will advance directly to the round of 16. The remaining four pairs from third places will compete in the preliminary round for the remaining two places.

The general for some couples this week will be the four-star World Circuit Tournament in Gstaad, which starts on Tuesday. The Czech number one does not start on it, only the sisters Karin and Diana Žolnerčík are registered for the qualification.

Lottery of groups of the Olympic tournament with the Czech representation:
Group B:
Krasilnikov, Stoyanovsky (Russian)
Perusic, Schweiner (CR)
Plavins, Toch (Lot.)
Gaston, Rubio (Mex.)
Group F:
Hermannová, Nausch Sluková (CR)
Išiiová, Murakamiová (JPN)
Hüberliová, Betschartová (Šv.)
Ludwigová, Kozuchová (DEU)