July 28, 2021

Olympia: Tokyo with the largest ÖOC team since 2000

After the zero number nine years ago in London, the sailors Thomas Zajac and Tanja Frank won the only bronze medal in Brazil in the Nacra 17 five years ago. Frank and Zajac will be Austria’s flag bearers at the opening.

Discus thrower Lukas Weißhaidinger and climber Jakob Schubert are among the greatest hopes for ÖOC medals. In addition to athletics and climbing, which is one of five sports newly included in the program, Austria also ranks among the wider circle of medal contenders in judo, sailing, triathlon, swimming, rowing, canoeing and mountain biking.

Graphics: APA/ORF.at; Quelle: WHAT

Games under the influence of the CoV pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Tokyo Games will be staged a year late and will be held under strict safety and hygiene measures. The protocol for all persons involved is tightly meshed and hardly allows freedom of movement outside of the locations and accommodation necessary for practicing the sport and reporting on it.

Foreign viewers are not allowed. It is still being discussed whether the number of maximum 10,000 Japanese fans allowed per competition venue will actually be maintained. The major event under the sign of the five rings is scheduled for August 8th.

For the first time two standard bearers allowed

With Frank and Zajac, a duo will carry the red-white-red flag together for the first time at the opening. The nomination of the bronze medal winners from 2016 was made possible by a new provision in the sense of gender equality. So far, only one athlete has always been the flag bearer, most recently table tennis player Liu Jia in Rio, who will be at the Olympic Games for the sixth time this year.

“Tanja Frank and Thomas Zajac won bronze together in Rio,” said ÖOC President Karl Stoss and justified the choice with winning the medal. “In Tokyo they start in separate boats, but they will represent us side by side at the opening ceremony. They are the ideal choice for us. ”Frank competes in Japan with Lorena Abicht in the 49er FX, Zajac with Barbara Matz again in the Nacra 17. With Benjamin Bildstein and David Hussl in the 49er there is also an ÖOC boat in Enoshima.

Frank and Zajac emphasized the importance of the ÖOC election on Monday in a Viennese hotel during the nomination press conference. “It’s insanely cool, I was very, very happy when I found out,” said Frank. “We already carried the flag in Rio at the closing ceremony.” Zajac emphasized that this was still an exception at the time, the general permission to carry them together was not yet available.

A dream comes true

Carrying the Austrian flag is a very great honor for 28-year-old Frank. “It is also a dream that will come true. I am very grateful that I was chosen. I am happy to be able to experience this moment together with Tom. ”The addressee argued similarly. “In my opinion, being able to represent your homeland in this way is the greatest thing an athlete can achieve,” said Zajac.

For the 35-year-old, the CoV pandemic and its consequences make the Olympic Games in Tokyo very special. “But that doesn’t change the fact that I consider it an honor and a great privilege to march in with Tanja with the red-white-red flag. It was already something very special in Rio. It is an honor to be on the flag bearer list. I am delighted to be at the forefront on behalf of all athletes. “

Liu Jia in second place in the ÖOC rankings

Liu Jia will take action in her sixth game. The 39-year-old is now catching up with the show jumper Hugo Simon and the marksman Thomas Farnik. Only the sailor Hubert Raudaschl, who was definitely inaccessible for a longer time, is clearly ahead of the table tennis ace with ten Olympic participations.

After all, dressage rider Victoria Max-Theurer already has her fifth appearance ahead of her, she is the ninth ÖOC active in this group. In Japan’s capital, table tennis players Robert Gardos and judoka Sabrina Filzmoser will join the ranks of the four-fold participants. While the two are over 41 years old and at least Filzmoser like Liu Jia will end their career after the Games, the 35-year-old Max-Theurer could collect more Olympic appearances.

Graphic of the ÖOC line-up at the Summer Games

Graphics: APA/ORF.at; Quelle: WHAT

ÖOC line-up for the games in Tokyo

Badminton (1):

Weightlifting (2):

  • Sarah Fischer (over 87 kg)
  • Sargis Martirosjan (over 109 kg)

Golf (3):

  • Matthias Schwab
  • Sepp Straka
  • Christine Wolf

Judo (6):

  • Shamil Borchashvili (81 kg)
  • Sabrina Filzmoser (up to 57 kg)
  • Bernadette Graf (up to 78 kg)
  • Stephan Hegyi (over 100 kg)
  • Magdalena Krssakova (up to 63 kg)
  • Michaela Polleres (up to 70 kg)

Canoe / white water (3):

  • Felix Oschmautz (kayak single)
  • Nadine Weratschnig (Canadian single)
  • Viktoria Wolffhardt (kayak single)

Canoe / flat water (2):

  • Ana Roxana Lehaci (kayak two, kayak single 500 m)
  • Viktoria Schwarz (two-person kayak, single kayak 500 m)

Karate (1):

  • Bettina Plank (Kumite / up to 55 kg)

Climbing (2):

  • Jessica Pilz (combination)
  • Jakob Schubert (combination)

Athletics (7):

  • Ivona Dadic (heptathlon)
  • Peter Herzog (marathon)
  • Victoria Hudson (javelin throw)
  • Lemawork Ketem (Marathon)
  • Verena Mayr (heptathlon)
  • Susanne Walli (400 m)
  • Lukas Weißhaidinger (discus throw)

Modern pentathlon (1):

Cycling / track (2):

  • Andreas Graf (Madison)
  • Andreas Muller (Madison, all)

Cycling / mountain bike (2):

  • Maximilian Foidl (Cross Country)
  • Laura Stigger (Cross Country)

Cycling / Road (4):

  • Anna Kiesenhofer (road race)
  • Patrick Konrad (road race, individual time trial)
  • Gregor Mühlberger (road race)
  • Hermann Pernsteiner (road race)

Riding / Dressage (3):

  • Florian Bacher (with Fidertraum / individual, team)
  • Victoria Max-Theurer (with Abegglen / individual, team)
  • Christian Schumach (with Te Quiero / individual, team)

Riding / Versatility (2):

  • Katrin Khoddam-Hazrati (with Cosma / Einzel)
  • Lea Siegl (with fighting line / single)

Rowing (3):

  • Louisa Altenhuber (lightweight double scull)
  • Valentina Cavallar (lightweight double scull)
  • Magdalena Lobnig (One)

Shooting (2):

  • Sylvia Steiner (air pistol, 25 m pistol)
  • Martin Strempfl (air rifle)

Swimming / lane (7):

  • Felix Auböck (400, 800 and 1,500 m crawl)
  • Simon Bucher (100 m dolphin)
  • Heiko Gigler (50 m crawl)
  • Lena Grabowski (100 and 200 m back)
  • Marlene Kahler (400, 800 and 1,500 m crawl)
  • Bernhard Reitshammer (100 m back, 100 m chest, 200 m medley)
  • Christopher Rothbauer (200 m Brust)

Swimming / Synchron (2):

  • Anna-Maria Alexandri (Duet)
  • Eirini-Marina Alexandri (Duett)

Sailing (6):

  • Benjamin Bildstein (49er)
  • David Hussl (49er)
  • Barbara Matz (Nacra 17 Foiling)
  • Thomas Zajac (Nacra 17 Foiling)
  • Lorena Abicht (49er FX)
  • Tanja Frank (49er FX)

Skateboard (1):

Tennis (2):

  • Oliver Marach (doubles)
  • Philipp Oswald (doubles)

Table tennis (6):

  • Stefan Fegerl (Mixed)
  • Robert Gardos (Individual)
  • Daniel Habesohn (individual)
  • Liu Jia (Einzel, Team)
  • Liu Yuan (Team)
  • Sofia Polcanova (Einzel, Team, Mixed)

Triathlon (4):

  • Julia Hauser (single, mixed relay)
  • Lukas Hollaus (single, mixed relay)
  • Luis Knabl (singles, mixed relay)
  • Lisa Perterer (single, mixed relay)

Gymnastics (1):

  • Elisa Hämmerle (all-around)