July 31, 2021

Rome: Dzeko already fit for Mourinho, his physical preparation

If he stays in the Giallorossi, Edin Dzeko will understand it only after talking with Mourinho and Roma. Meanwhile, he is ready and fit. That’s how…

So fit that he weighs a little less than when he left for the holidays. If he stays in the Giallorossi, Edin Dzeko will understand it only after having talked with Mourinho and having dealt with him and with the club. In the meantime, however, he returns to Rome today (buffer in the afternoon) and tomorrow and the day after he will support athletic tests with his teammates. Test which he prepared for practically training every day between Bosnia, Dubai, Turkey and Croatia.


The holidays of the Giallorossi number 9 have always been in motion. In all senses. He first flew to Bosnia, where he left his three young children with his grandparents and uncles, and with his wife Amra and a few friends he spent a few days in Dubai without children. Then the whole family joined them in a resort in Turkey for a holiday full of sea, sun and long days in the sun. The Dzeko family then concluded this long vacation month in the villa in Dubrovnik, Croatia, before returning to Italy where Edin will understand his future.


In recent weeks Dzeko, as mentioned, has never stopped. He preferred bodyweight workouts to those in the gym (which he also did), took long swims and very long walks, like the one in the hills of Dubrovnik which took half a day away. Edin has never trained alone: ​​with him his wife, passionate about fitness, and friends. Music, a few laughs, but also a lot of seriousness: mat on the ground, elastic bands, weights, balls and planks, side and not, from two minutes onwards. And again: running, but without exaggerating and on the right surfaces, and exercise bikes.

After a few days of deadlift, even logical ones, Dzeko devoted at least an hour a day to training. And when he didn’t, there were Una (5 years), Dani (almost 4) and Dalia (10 months) to keep him in shape. In this sense Dzeko is an absolute professional, it is no coincidence that he almost never has muscle problems despite being 35 years old. The physique is more than intact and has an average of 50 games a year between club and national team (since 2015 he has played more than 300). Dry training is a prerequisite for him and is essential for this, even this summer, he has always worked. If for Roma or for some other team only time will tell.