July 24, 2021

Room from the Danes? Not by any chance. Tvrdík welcomes the unexpected reinforcement


Twenty-three-year-old Madsen grew up in football in Silkeborg. He left for Linz last year and is now heading for Slavia.

“I hope you like the surprise,” the left-footed midfielder, who went through all the youth selections in his country, told his future teammates in the original.

Madsen is Slavia’s fourth summer reinforcement. He signed for the Czech champion for four and a half years. “I am very happy! The first time I walked around the stadium and I was amazed, it looks amazing. When I heard about Slavia’s interest and that it was possible to move here, I was immediately determined that I wanted to do it. I had no doubts. On Sunday, I talked to the coach, telling me how he looked at the football, how he saw me in person. I think it will work, “Madsen told the Slavic website after signing the contract.

In the search for coach Jindřich Trpišovský, the player of the fourth team of the last year of the Austrian league has been for a long time, but it remained under wraps. “He is a midfielder, the strongest in position number eight. But he can play all the roles in the middle of the field. We looked at him a year ago, when he was in Silkeborg. The season ended and we were looking for midfielders at the time, but the moment we got a tip on it, he moved to Linz. Now, after a year, there was an opportunity to get him, we were looking for a replacement for Provi (Provoda), because we know that there will be no whole autumn, “the coach outlines.

According to him, Madsen is a similar type to Provod. “Also a left-footed player who can with both feet and covers a huge space. He is still in motion, on offer, he is also very strong when starting events, he is a combination type of player,” Trpišovský also introduces a new reinforcement on the club website.

Slavic coach on alert. Due to the glowing Holeš, Masopust et al. at the championship. And because of Krmenčík

It calculates its advantages, it can also draw on long minutes of personal meetings. “Football comes first. He is young, run and hardworking. We sat with him for three hours and had fun, he is basically interested in nothing but football. He immediately asked when the training will take place, “says the head coach of the stitchers.

Dan is far from being seen as a finished player. “He has certain things that we would like him to improve, which we have already told him. But we see great potential in him, we felt that we needed such a midfielder, strong on the ball, who plays box to box like Provi,” adds Trpišovský.

During the summer break, the people of Prague hired three players in the offensive. The Slovak forward Ivan Schranz came from Jablonec, after the end in Sparta the Serbian midfielder Srdjan Plavšič and after the expiration of the contract in Pilsen also Ubong Ekpai. Slavists are also seeking the arrival of Michael Krmenčík from Brugg and Gambian defender Sheriff Sinyan from Molde.