July 24, 2021

Sarri: “Ronaldo difficult to manage. Juve? My scudetto is discounted, but for this 4th place …”

The Tuscan coach talks back to Lazio today: “The derby against Mourinho? We’re not playing. Leaving Chelsea, a glaring error of assessment but I had a great desire to return to Italy”

Maurizio Sarri, the new Lazio coach, goes back to the past at Juventus, speaking (also) of Cristiano Ronaldo: “A management that is not simple, but Ronaldo is a multinational: he has personal interests that must be combined with the interests of the team”, he explained in the course of an interview given to Sportitalia. Sarri continues: “It’s a difficult situation to manage, I honestly consider myself much better at being a coach than a manager. I enjoy much more on the pitch. There are also many positive aspects, Ronaldo at the end of the year the numbers are there. leads. When a boy reaches these levels it is clear that he represents something that can go beyond society and the team. “

two wheels

On the break period: “In this year I have been with my family, I have read a lot, I have seen many games and then I have seen many cycling races which is one of the things I like most. It was a particular year, in which I did not I found it hard to stay out, with empty stadiums and so much sadness. The situation didn’t make me want to go back “. Then a market background on Napoli: “It is true that he looked for me last winter, it was not a real negotiation but a simple request for information on availability. I was not sure I could be very useful in the race and then there were not many conditions. Then to all those who looked for me during the season I said the same thing, that I would be available in the summer “.

the jab at Juventus

There is also a dig at Juventus: “My Scudetto? It was taken for granted. Outside, but I must also say inside. We won a Scudetto without celebrating it, everyone dined on their own. Probably the right year would have been the right year. this: a fourth place and I saw that they celebrated, probably the conditions were ideal “.

Derby, Mou and mistakes

A comment on the upcoming Roman derby against Mourinho cannot be missing: “It’s journalistic stuff. In the end Roma will play against Lazio, I won’t be able to score and Mourinho won’t be able to save a goal. Teams count, more than players and coaches”. On the farewell to Chelsea: “Marina Granovskaia wanted to keep me? I made a glaring error of judgment, that of wanting to return to Italy at all costs. Marina filed a stonewall on me to leave Chelsea, but I had this great desire to return to Italy “.

Italy, Giroud, De Zerbi

Finally, Sarri also talks about Italy, Giroud (who had at Chelsea) and De Zerbi. “We are clearly the team that plays the best football in the European Championships. From the choices made I expected a brilliant and technical Italy: Mancini was good.” And then: “I like De Zerbi very much. I am amazed that a young man of worth and so young had to choose an experience abroad because no big Italian club wanted to bet on him. I’m sorry, but he did well to go to Shakhtar because it will give him international visibility “. On Giroud: “He at Milan? He is a great professional, one of those players who are always there in time of need. Before the Europa League final Zola asked me what my intentions were and I replied:” Giroud and Pedro certainly play. , who have never failed the important games, you choose the other nine “”. Closing on Roma: “How close have I been to Roma? I never spoke to them directly, according to my agents we were close enough. But I don’t honestly know.”