July 25, 2021

Bohačík wanted so much for the Olympics that he would marry the next day with his born daughter

Chad Hipolito, ČTK / AP

The rich man bothered the opponent with raids and shooting from a distance, he reminded again with his game how he shone two years ago at the World Championships in China. “We just crossed Greece, it was unbelievable. It’s hard to describe in words the perfect mood and the wonderful atmosphere after the match in the locker room, “said the 29-year-old basketball player.

After the experience of previous matches, when the Czechs could lose to Uruguay after the last second shot by Granger or when they lost a ten-point lead over Canada at the last minute, he did not want to celebrate prematurely. “The team was still on top that anything could happen, but when we led by thirty points a minute and a half before the end, the euphoria could no longer be sustained,” said Bohačík.

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He wasn’t even angry that his unexpected success would disrupt the originally planned summer program with his family. “I have a newborn daughter, Beu, who was born in Prostejov when I was in France,” he said. So another girl in the family to Marlen, two years old. I won’t enjoy my family even now, but that will be solved somehow, “said Bohačík, who contributed to the first participation of the independent Czech men’s national team in the Olympics.

The last time a national team played under five circles was in 1980 in Moscow, even as Czechoslovakia. “The mere fact that our men’s basketball is returning to the Olympics after 41 years is fascinating. For all athletes, the Olympics is the biggest possible goal. I admit that before the match with Greece, I looked at the opponents who would be waiting for us in the event of a move, and then he had a slightly stronger motivation to fight his way to Tokyo, “Bohačík thought.

Representatives can look forward to the inaugural duel with Iran at the Olympics on Sunday, July 25, three days later they will face France and on Saturday, July 31, a defender of gold from the last three US Olympic tournaments. “We’re not just going there to take pictures with them. Everyone will want to show what they can do. It will be great to play against such players, “he said.

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The Olympic match with France in particular will be spicy for him as the legionnaires of Strasbourg. “I had a phone full of messages from teammates from the club, they cheered me on to get to the Olympics like their compatriots. As usual on holidays, they go to bed later, so they watched and praised our performance, “he said.

“Then we talked in the locker room with the boys, that we are probably difficult to scout for our opponents. Each of us is different, and everyone can grab the fight. But together we are a great gang, hopefully, as in Victoria, we will be doing well at the Olympics, “concluded Bohačík.