July 28, 2021

Bologna, Sinisa calls Arnautovic: ‘We need healthy ignorance’

The Bologna coach is moved by rethinking the affection of the city and “re-reads” his book. And he adds: “For now we have taken Bonifazi and van Hooijdonk. And we’re waiting for Marko “

That July 11th two years ago, that urbi et orbi press conference of the 13th to tell everyone, chest out, that leukemia would be his next opponent. Then the fight, the climbs and the salitone, the football battle held high remotely, the one for the sweaty life every single day at the Sant’Orsola Hospital. Yesterday Sinisa Mihajlovic presented his “The match of life”, written with Andrea Di Caro. From the personal battle against leukemia to the real war. “No one – says Sinisa -, no one has given me what the city of Bologna has shown me. It’s been two years but I like to remember everything: even if it’s a bad thing it makes me feel good because I beat a very bad thing. When you see death in the face you realize that life is beautiful. And every now and then I look at the photos: and I hope I never forget, it gives strength ”.

Inimitable Bologna

In the evening presented by the journalist Sabrina Orlandi, the Bologna coach has a monstrous charge, then immediately stops to watch the video relating to the pilgrimage to San Luca on 6 October 2019 with the Rossoblù and Lazio fans together. “I always have to cry, I understand – he smiles -. What Bologna has done for me, the people, is enormous; I felt like a son in a difficult moment in my life … I certainly wouldn’t have expected so much affection. I will never forget this, with all my strengths and weaknesses: affection, love, protection, everything was there. Like parents towards their son: I don’t know what I will do in my life but I will always carry the city, the people of Bologna in my heart. It will be a special place, always. I make fun of myself, I say that I am a gypsy and I am fine everywhere but what Bologna gave me nobody gave me. Nobody”.

Yes, Sinisa is really back. For all of you Sinisa Mihajlovic from Bologna for honorary citizenship. But also for the mutual affection with the city. “In the early days after the leukemia everyone loved me, at first I liked it but after a while I was fed up, no one insulted me: and then I invented something to create the spark and unite the others … I wanted to become divisive as I always have been. When I see certain images – continues Sinisa -, I think back to many things. I said to myself: I have to heal for my mother, my family but also for these people from Bologna who have done all this for me. Thanks to you (he refers to the 300 present, ed) you have given me super strength, so much so that what I did I did almost easily “.

Arna and Mancio

Then, here is the news. “The players of today? They are all good guys, that’s why I want Arnautovic to come. We need your healthy ignorance. So it’s not just me who gives it. He has to free himself from China, but I really think there is no doubt. What vintage will it be? In my opinion we will have fun: if we do what we said, we will have fun seriously, especially if there are people at the stadium with us. I talked to those in charge (Saputo, ed) and he gave me guarantees: if one goes away, at most one, an owner must arrive. For now we have taken Bonifazi and van Hooijdonk. And we wait for Arnautovic. Europe? It is still long. We have to stay on the left and close to the top seven, winning great races. And I really hope that the public can begin to come to the stadiums: in short, that we can have fun and that they too can feel good seeing us ”. Finally, a launch … blue. “Against Spain we all cheer for Italy – concludes Sinisa -: Mancini has created a good group, Italy plays the best football. The basketball? I was rooting for Serbia but they were playing fighettini: Italy was great ”.