July 31, 2021

Bonucci moved after Italy-Spain: ‘One centimeter is missing to become a legend’.

He lets himself go to a thousand emotions and emotion, Leonardo Bonucci, one of the charismatic leaders of Italy after the success on penalties against Spain: “It was the most difficult game I have ever played. Congratulations to Spain for what they put on the pitch – he says – Once again this team showed values ​​and the ability to suffer and the resilience that distinguishes us Italians. Great Donnarumma and those who took penalties. It is a painful but even more beautiful victory“. And again on the difficulty of the match:” We knew that they could present some surprises because Luis Enrique in his career showed it to us – he explains – They played without references. And congratulations to Spain for the game they played, but also for us. Now we need to recover because that centimeter is missing to become a legend “. Then there will be the final: “There are three days to recover – he concludes – It is truly something incredible what we are doing. We will be here in five days and we will have to be there with the same malice to bring home something that Italy lacks. for 50 years “.

Chiesa: “It’s the best night of my career”


The Azzurri dedicate the victory to Spinazzola

He was elected man of the match and stayed on the pitch as long as his physique held up. Federico Chiesa momentarily gave the Azzurri the lead in the match against Spain, proving that he knew how to be decisive at all times: “It’s the best night, playing for sixty million Italians is a beautiful dream. I would never have thought about it. it’s the best night of my career – he says – Has the church been restored in the center of the village? We put the team back in the center of the village. This is a great team, Spain has great players but we have been a team until the end, even on penalties and this has rewarded us – he explains – The video that shoots on social media with my dad? I was pleased to see him again, we are the only father / son couple to have both scored at the European Championships and it was great. The Star of the match award I dedicate it to Spinazzola, indeed I dedicate the victory to him because tonight he would have given us a great hand. We played for him and we hope to give him a joy in the final. “Test the next match already:” The time to recover is short but this season we played every 3 days. We will have time to be ready. I leader? As I have always said, I think day by day, about training, about improving. I then bring the fruits of my professionalism to the field “.