July 28, 2021

Chiellini, This Is The Captain Of Italy And Doctor In Economics Who Is Without A Team

Giorgio Chiellini is the captain of an Italy that plays much better football, but has not lost its extraordinary defensive tradition. The best scoring average in the history of the Azzurra has been joined by an impressive defense, capable of breaking the record of minutes without conceding goals that belonged to the legendary Zoff, 1143, reaching 1168.

Much of this strength is due to the central team that brings experience and leadership to a younger and very talented team. Chiellini and Bonucci are still there, adapting to this new Italy, but keeping their style. The Juventino, who with his match against Spain will add 111 appearances with the absolute, is famous for his tough style of play and his ability to give and receive blows, something that he loves on the field. Against Belgium he knew how to annul Lukaku, a rival whom he greatly appreciates because, when he meets him, both end up “with bruises”, something that seems to amuse him.

In fact, the central earned some controversy with his autobiography, in which he defined Sergio Ramos as “the best defender in the world” praising you for his entry on Salah in the 2018 Champions final: “It was a masterstroke. He, Master Sergio, always said that he did not want to, but he was aware that falling like that and without leaving that grip, nine times out of ten you can break your opponent’s arm.”

Chiellini photo

Behind his tough side, however, hides a great student. He has a degree in business administration, a degree he obtained at the University of Turin in 2017, obtaining the highest possible grade, 110 cum laude. His studies will serve him well once he hangs up his boots: “I would like to be a manager, I see myself more in this journey than in that of a coach.” A decision that, it seems, will come within a year or two: Chiellini is now without a contract, but, barring surprises, he will sign for one more year with Juventus. It will be his 18th season with the Bianconeri.