August 1, 2021

“Ciao Raffaella”, greetings from colleagues and Rai1’s homage with Carramba Che Sorpresa

It is a deep pain, what left the disappearance of Raffaella Carrà, who feels no reason. The Bolognese artist flew away suddenly, without a hint of hesitation, and in the most absolute confidentiality. The news of her death has bent the public and the friends who have been around her for a lifetime, as evidenced by the many messages of condolence addressed to her on this 5 July so sad for the world of TV.

On the day of farewell, Rai1 wanted to re-propose the first episode of that transmission which represented a point of break with the past, bringing that formula of emotainment that no one had ever dared to touch. Raffaella was light, a light that illuminated a path made up of courage and that pinch of impudence that allowed it to bring up Caramba What a Surprise.

And yes, because in a period of stalemate and a great desire for renewal, Rai1 chooses the best for a daring experiment, which only she could conduct in such a mirrored but also so elegant way. Raffaella walks in the feelings of her guests on tiptoe, without ever invading the space that she has granted them and that everyone – absolutely everyone – enjoyed under her guidance.

The dry conduction of Carramba it is not revolutionary but it has created that area of ​​comfort that has drawn us towards a new type of television, one made up of many words and little entertainment, that of people and their stories. Raffaella Carrà has succeeded in this intent and has been rewarded with the favor of the public. The audience figures of the show were extraordinary, unrepeatable.

The public it is reflected in the stories told, made up of absences and relatives whose traces have been lost or simply those surprises that we all would like to receive, at least once in our life. Rai1 had been waiting for his return for 4 years and could not ask for anything better.

The launch of this special tribute could only be entrusted to the leading Rai1 conductors, who could not find enough words to explain what Raffaella Carrà represented for TV. A moved Mara Venier thanked her for what she gave us, followed by a visibly moved Flavio Insinna who concluded with a lapidary “Thanks Raffaella”. Antonella Clerici, on the other hand, wanted to tell how she was close to her in her debut in the South, with the words and advice that only she could give. The poker of Rai1 presenters could not fail to include Carlo Conti: “Today one of the brightest stars of the show went out. An immense pain. But Raffa will shine forever and will never die ”.

I tv schedules they have been literally revolutionized by the tribute to Raffaella Carrà, the eldest, who left us with the same elegance that she brought into the homes of Italians for over 50 years.